MSN & MBA Dual Degree Online

Jul 25, 2019

A combined MSN & MBA program allows you to earn two degrees: a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration. Learn more about the common coursework and entrance requirements for this type of online program.

A joint MSN & MBA program will earn you a Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration in two-and-a-half to four years. This type of program is geared towards nurses who want to expand and improve their administrative and management skills. While most programs offer online courses, students typically have to complete clinical hours at an on-site location. Find out more about common coursework and entrance requirements.

Common Coursework for the MSN & MBA

Although specific MSN & MBA coursework requirements will vary by program, there are some common core courses that you most likely will need to take. Because you will be earning an MSN and MBA degree, your curriculum will be made up of both nursing classes and business classes. Below, we will delve into some specific courses that you could take during your joint MSN & MBA degree program.

Financial and Resource Management for Nurses

One type of nursing course that you may need to take is that of financial and resource management for nurses with the exact course name depending on the institution. This type of class will cover a broad range of topics such as budgeting, the reimbursement processes, accounting, and planning and controlling costs, all in the context of healthcare systems and nursing.

Management and Knowledge of Healthcare Systems

Another kind of course that will fulfill the MSN part of your degree program is one that will teach you about the management of healthcare systems. This can be a wide-ranging course that explores the concepts of leadership and organizational behavior in such healthcare systems as hospitals, clinics, rural hospitals, care facilities, and private settings. Some courses might also focus on the administrative side of nursing, including staffing and time issues that arise in specific healthcare systems.

Healthcare Policy and Ethics

You might also need to take a course in healthcare policy and ethics for your MSN degree. This particular course will examine healthcare policy on a local, national, and worldwide level, how politics and legal issues affect nursing, and the way nurses are able to care for patients. Some courses of this type may not cover ethics, yet if they do, you will study how you can apply ethics to policy questions and issues in order to deliver the best quality of care.

Marketing Management

For the MBA part of your program, you will most likely take a course in marketing management. During this course, you could cover the basics of marketing, products, distribution, and pricing. You might also learn about different consumer markets, how to build a brand, and how to promote products and services.

Organizational Leadership

You might also be required to take an MBA course that covers the topic of organizational leadership. This type of course examines theories on how to best manage an organization. You might study how an individual functions within a group and how as a manager, you can create positive relationships within that group.


Last, your MBA degree will require that you take some kind of economics course. The exact course title will depend on your specific program with some requiring a course on microeconomics and some taking a more general approach with a course on managerial economics. However, some common economic concepts that you could study include supply and demand, GDP, different financial analysis methods, and economic theories.

Common Entrance Requirements

As well as a common set of coursework, MSN & MBA dual degree programs have a set of common entrance requirements that include an application, transcripts showing completion of a bachelor's degree, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. Most programs will also want you to have previous nursing experience or to already be a registered nurse, and you usually need to submit GRE scores.

To earn your MSN & MBA joint degree, you will need to take coursework in the fields of nursing and business, including topics like healthcare policy and economics. The admission requirements for this program type are fairly similar across many universities.

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