MSW Dual Degrees in Massachusetts

Apr 29, 2019

In this article, students can learn about the various dual degree program options offered by Massachusetts schools that will enable them to pursue an MSW degree in tandem with a second degree. Details about programs are covered, including timeline and structure.

The state of Massachusetts is home to a variety of MSW programs that students can pursue while also earning a second graduate degree. Below, students can learn about four schools that offer dual MSW degree programs in the state, including information about what types of degrees are offered, program time frames, and curriculum details.

Overview of MSW Dual Degree Programs in Massachusetts

Boston College

Students interested in Boston College have a number of different dual degree program options from which to choose. The JD/MSW program offered in partnership with Boston College Law is designed to be completed in a total of four years, rather than the five that it would take to complete each program separately. It is also possible to enroll in the MSW/MBA program offered in partnership with the School of Management or the MSW/MA program in theology and ministry. This program can be completed in a total of three years, during which students will spend the first year and subsequent summers taking theology and ministry courses and the final two years take social work courses.

Undergraduate students may also be interested in the BA/MSW program, which allows students at Boston College to begin taking some graduate courses before completing their bachelor's degree while seamlessly transitioning into the MSW program. Finally, students may also be interested in the MSW/PhD program, which allows students to pursue a doctoral degree in social work and earn an MSW along the way.

Boston University

At Boston University, students can choose from several different dual degree options. One option is the MSW/MPH degree in which students can study both social work and public health. This program can be completed in a total of three years and students have a number of options to further specialize their program according to their interests. Within the MSW program, they can either pursue a major in clinical or macro practice and can also select a certificate within the MPH program, with options in global health, health policy and law, and social justice, among others.

Other options at Boston University include the dual MSW/Master of Education (EdM) program and the MSW/Doctorate in Special Education (EdD) program, both of which are offered in partnership with the School of Education. The courses for these programs take at least two and a half to three years to complete, and the EdD program will then take additional time for completion of a dissertation. The final dual degree options at this school are offered by the School of Theology. Students can earn either an MSW/Master in Theological Studies (MTS) degree or an MSW/Master in Divinity Studies (MDiv) degree. These programs take three and four years to complete, respectively.

Bridgewater State University

Students at Bridgewater State University can enroll in the dual MSW/JD degree offered by the School of Social Work and the University of Massachusetts Law School. Students can apply to each program at the beginning of their studies if they already know they are interested in earning both degrees, though it is also possible to begin pursuing either the MSW or JD degree before applying to the other degree program. This dual degree option allows students to complete both programs more quickly than taking them separately, enabling them to save money and time. Completion time varies according to whether students attend full-time or part-time.

Springfield College

Another dual degree option in Massachusetts is the MSW/JD program offered by Springfield College in a partnership with the Western New England University School of Law. Students who enroll in this program are able to complete it in a total of four years full-time study rather than the five it would take to complete the programs separately. During the first two years of the program, students can choose how they wish to structure the curriculum, taking courses from either the law school or the School of Social Work. The third year is spent exclusively taking law courses while the fourth year entails electives in law, social work research, and field practices in social work.

Admissions Standards for MSW Dual Degree Programs in Massachusetts

Students seeking admission into dual degree MSW programs will need to satisfy the admission requirements of each individual program in order to be admitted. While much of the admissions process may be the same for each program, in that students will need to submit previous academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and CV or resume, there are a few additional components students may need to fulfill. For example, dual JD/MSW programs will require that students take and submit their results from the LSAT, which would otherwise not be required for an MSW program. Many programs will also require that students take the GRE and submit their scores. Additionally, students may already need to possess a Bachelor's of Social Work degree in order to be considered for an MSW program.

To summarize, students seeking programs in Massachusetts to earn dual MSW degrees will likely be able to choose from options such as theology, law, public health, business, and education. In addition, MSW students may also earn a BA or a PhD as a part of master's studies dual program offerings.

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