Navy ROTC Colleges in Virginia

Jan 12, 2018

Virginia is a great state for a student looking for a Navy ROTC program. Whether they're looking for a community college, private university, or military academy, Virginia will have a good option to consider.

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For high school seniors or college freshman interested in a career in the Navy, Virginia is a great state because they have so many options for Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) programs. A student in an NROTC program, called a 'midshipman', will get the training in leadership and management they need to be an officer in the Navy or Marines, not to mention plenty of hands-on experience. Whether one is looking for an NROTC program at a prestigious private school, a reliable public school, or an inexpensive community college, there's an option in Virginia.

School Comparison

School Name Institution Type Location Tuition 2016-2017 (in-state)* Tuition Assistance/Military Benefits
University of Virginia 4-year, public Charlottesville, VA $16,412 CORTRAMID training, annual events
Hampton University 4-year, private not-for-profit Hampton, VA $24,242 NROTC scholarships, summer cruise
Old Dominion University 4-year, public Norfolk, VA $9,750 Hampton Roads Battalion, ROTC clubs
Virginia Military Institute 4-year, public Lexington, VA $17,492 Navy Nuclear Power Program, scholarship or subsidized tuition
Tidewater Community College 2-year, public Norfolk, VA $5,299 Hampton Roads Battalion, transfer credit for 4-year school

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics

Navy ROTC Colleges in Virginia

Situated on the Atlantic Seaboard, Virginia has among the most numerous NROTC programs available to new students. There's an option available for every level of college education, so someone looking for an NROTC program at a community college will have just as much luck as one looking for a program at a private university. We've provided a list of five different schools across the state with strong NROTC programs, so a curious student should be able to find what they're looking for.

University of Virginia

Located in Charlottesville, University of Virginia (UV) is a public university with about 24,000 students that has an NROTC program worth considering. Every summer, UV offers its midshipmen a training program known as Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID). Students attending CORTRAMID go to Norfolk or San Diego for some hands-on training with different parts of the Navy, including Surface, Submarine, Aviation, and Marine. There are also plenty of activities for midshipmen to attend on UV's campus as well, like the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball, and one-per-semester field exercises conducted at a nearby military base.

Hampton University

Hampton University is a private, not-for-profit college in far eastern Virginia right on the Atlantic Ocean with only around 5,000 students. Not only is Hampton inexpensive for a private school, but members of the school's NROTC program are eligible for a scholarship that can take care of tuition and more. There are separate scholarships for midshipmen interested in going into either the Navy or the Marines, so there are more opportunities to be awarded than in most other schools. Hampton also offers its midshipmen a month-long cruise every summer, where students will learn leadership skills and naval history as they serve the fleet.

Old Dominion University

For a student looking for a school in the Hampton area, but not looking to spend Hampton prices on tuition, Old Dominion University (ODU) is a nearby public school that has a strong NROTC program as well. ODU is a member school of the Hampton Roads Battalion, one of the largest Navy ROTC battalions in the country, so attending a member school will look good when it comes time to enter the Marines or Navy proper. In addition to the Battalion, there are several on-campus clubs to attend, such as the Specwar Club, which prepares its members for a career in the Navy or Marine Corps Special Warfare division.

Virginia Military Institute

For a student who sees a lifetime career in the armed forces ahead of them, a proper military academy might be a better choice than a university. The Virginia Military Institute (VMI) provides a military education that includes a special emphasis on training for nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. The program will lead to a five-year tour of duty on a variety of aircraft carriers and submarines, some of the most sophisticated ships in the world. VMI also provides financial incentives to attend its programs: the school offers both a full-tuition scholarship and subsidized rates for upperclassmen, which will cut tuition nearly in half.

Tidewater Community College

There are a lot of great NROTC programs in the Hampton/Norfolk area, but they can be expensive choices for someone who is still figuring out their path in life. Tidewater Community College (TCC) is a 2-year community college in the area that offers an NROTC program at a fraction of the price of a school like Hampton. Like Hampton and ODU, TCC is a member of the Hampton Roads Battalion, which provides a midshipman with a clear path from community college to university while serving in the same Battalion. A student can finish the orientation courses at TCC, to not spend too much on tuition, and then transfer to ODU or Hampton for the advanced courses and graduation.

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