Non-Office Jobs for College Graduates

Jan 18, 2020

Sometimes the thought of working in an office is unappealing to a college graduate. If that's you, then don't worry; there are some jobs available that don't require being in an office. You can work on sets, in airplanes, or even in kitchens.

Non-Office Job Options for College Graduates

If you're planning on graduating from college soon, you are probably searching for jobs. You may be looking for a job that doesn't require an office. If so, look below for some options that fit your criteria.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Airline Pilot $140,340 (for all airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers) 5% (for all airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers)
Pharmacist $126,120 0%
Chef $48,460 (for all chefs and head cooks) 11% (for all chefs and head cooks)
Actor $18.70 per hour 10%
Musician $28.15 per hour (for all musicians and singers) 0% (for all musicians and singers)
Film Director $71,680 (for all producers and directors) 5% (for all producers and directors)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Information about Non-Office Jobs for College Graduates

Airline Pilot

Airline pilots fly airplanes for commercial airlines that provide transportation to passengers needing to travel long distances quickly. They must have a lot of knowledge about how airplanes function, such as being able to assess the airplane's condition before and after flights, discerning how well the plane is balanced, and monitoring fuel levels. Their job takes place in a cockpit instead of an office. Airline pilots usually must have a bachelor's degree, a commercial pilot's license, and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.


Pharmacists fill prescriptions and give advice to patients about dosage and potential reactions. They also do much more than this, such as administering vaccines, researching how medications will interact with each other, and completing insurance paperwork. They work in different types of locations, such as in retail stores, pharmacies, or hospitals. Most often, they spend their days walking around and filling prescriptions instead of in an office. They need a doctoral degree as well as licensing.


Chefs work in kitchens rather than offices to oversee food preparation in the establishment they work for, whether it is a restaurant, cafeteria, hotel, or private home. Besides ensuring that their staff is on task, chefs plan menus, prepare dishes, invent recipes, and keep food and products organized. Chefs typically need extensive work experience, whether they have gained it through working at other restaurants or through formal training at a culinary school, community college, technical school, or university.


Actors portray characters written in scripts or screenplays for the entertainment of audiences. Actors often gain their experience through training at a university and obtain bachelor's degrees, though no formal degree is necessary to begin in this field. Actors work on sets as opposed to offices, often finding themselves in studios, theaters, theme parks, or other places where acting is being filmed or viewed by an audience.


Musicians perform music on an instrument in front of live audiences and in recording studios, and sometimes they may also sing. Their work carries them into spaces where they can perform as opposed to offices. Although a musician doesn't need a degree in order to pursue this career, they usually need vast knowledge of their instrument. Consequently, many musicians seek bachelor's degrees before beginning in this field.

Film Director

Film directors have creative control over the set of a movie, whether the film is fiction or a non-fiction documentary. Film directors instruct actors on their positions and how to enhance their characters and interview subjects for documentaries. They mostly work on movie sets rather than in offices. Film directors usually need a bachelor's degree and a lot of experience working in film.

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