Office Jobs for Introverts

Office jobs are often an apt choice for those who prefer not to interact with the public very much. There are many different types of office jobs to choose from, including some jobs that can be done in an at-home office. Some positions require more education than others.

Office Job Options for Introverts

If you don't like working closely with people, it may be worth looking into an office job. Introverts may do well in the cubicle setting, where workers are discouraged from interacting, and staying focused on the work instead of conversations with co-workers lends itself to higher accuracy and efficiency. Below are some good career options for introverts looking for an office job.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Bookkeeper $38,390 -8%
Archivist $47,230 7%
Proofreader $39,960 -2%
Data Entry Keyer $30,100 -4%
Graphic Designer $47,640 1%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information about Office Jobs for Introverts


Bookkeepers maintain the financial transactions of a company. While it is true that many businesses can automate bookkeeping through different electronic programs or apps, it is still useful to have a real person double-check the numbers. Bookkeepers typically need their own space and peace and quiet in order make sure they are catching and correcting all number errors. Bookkeepers need at least some training in college-level courses to qualify.


Archivists, who are similar to museum keepers and curators, spend their days filing and organizing permanent records and going over historical documents. They may also have training in how to conserve old texts. They usually work in the archive offices of universities, libraries, governments, historical sites, and so on. Although they may collaborate with researchers or do outreach activities, much of their work can be done alone. This position usually requires a master's degree in a related field, such as history or library sciences.


Proofreaders are often employed by large publishing companies to ensure quality control on everything they publish. Proofreaders can also work as freelancers from a home-based office. In both cases, a proofreader usually works alone and without interruption in order to accurately correct all grammar and punctuation mistakes. Many proofreaders have a bachelor's degree in English or something similar.

Data Entry Keyer

Data entry keyers work by themselves, typing information into databases. They look over many different types of documents, from sales reports to invoices. They are generally asked to not only enter the data, but also to sort it in an organized way. Data entry keyers may work alone to ensure the quality of their work. They typically need only a high school diploma and some experience, or at least proof of skill, to get an entry-level job.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work on computers using software to create visual art for many different types of publications. They may work in the offices of publishers, advertising agencies, or public relations firms, to name a few. They typically work alone on computers except when consulting with teams or clients, making this a good office position for an introvert. Graphic designers need a bachelor's degree in this field as well as a portfolio of previous work.

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