Online Emergency Management Certificate Programs

Apr 26, 2020

Overview of Online Emergency Management Certificate Programs

Online emergency management certificate programs prepare you to face hazards, disasters, and security threats and to plan and implement strategies in response to the emergencies created by them. These certificate programs are designed for individuals who want to get into careers involving emergency planning, public safety, disaster mitigation, emergency response, and community service. These online emergency management certificate programs are available at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The schools that offer these certificates mostly allow you to pursue the certificate independently or along with their corresponding bachelor's or master's program; you might also be able to transfer credits from the certificate to these programs. Emergency management certificate programs are available entirely online. The length of these programs typically ranges from less than a year to two years. Online emergency management certificate programs do not directly lead to any certification.

Requirements for Online Emergency Management Certificate Programs

Online emergency management certificate programs include courses that help you to understand the techniques behind identifying, analyzing, and alleviating threats and risks. These courses focus on preparing you to make better decisions and improve your critical thinking skills in times of emergency.

Common Emergency Management Course Topics

Emergency Management

A course on emergency management primarily deals with different practices in managing emergencies, be it natural or man-made, and the different stages involved in it. The course gives students a chance to learn about various emergency management systems such as the National Incident Management System and the National Preparedness System used in response to hazards and disasters. The course might also look into the history of emergency management, its progression throughout the years, and contemporary emergency policies and practices.

Crisis Management

Crisis management course introduces concepts that seek to reduce the risks of disaster or hazard by preparing and planning for the impending crisis. The course outlines the roles and responsibilities of various federal and non-federal structures in crisis mitigation and response. The course explains the procedures in implementing and managing a crisis plan and the tools and techniques used in them.

Emergency Planning or Preparedness

A course on emergency preparedness deals with the development of a preparedness plan and the collaboration and communication involved in it. The course might focus on public safety and human response during a crisis. The course might also introduce concepts of command systems, inventory preparation, stakeholder identification warning systems, and emergency operations.

Homeland Security

A homeland security course gives details about U.S. homeland security, including its structure, motives, resources, and challenges. The course might discuss internal planning within an organization for the safety of employees and other stakeholders and building external relationships. The course might focus on improving analytical and critical thinking skills.

Career Outlook after Online Emergency Management Certificate Programs

Online emergency management certificate programs are beneficial for emergency and crisis management careers in federal, non-governmental departments, universities, community service organizations like the Red Cross, manufacturing industries, relief organizations, and insurance corporations. The careers available for certificate holders in emergency management include emergency management directors, firefighter, police, emergency service dispatchers, and business continuity planners.

As per May 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual wage of emergency management directors was $82,530. They are expected to experience job growth of 5% for the period 2018-28. Firefighting and prevention workers earned an average of $55,040 a year and could experience 5% job growth through 2028. Police officers are also projected to experience the same job growth and earned around $67,620 a year in May 2019.

Online emergency management certificate programs are suitable for those who seek careers dealing with emergency situations such as police, firefighters, and emergency management directors. These programs entail courses in crisis management, emergency planning, and homeland security.

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