Online Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership

Nov 07, 2019

There are a number of options available for students with an undergraduate degree, who are looking to complete a graduate certificate in organizational leadership, online. Read on for more information.

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Graduate certificate programs in organizational leadership are designed to give students the tools and skills required to guide team members in accomplishing the organizational goals that have been set. Upon completion of a program like this, students should be able to efficiently lead an organization and keep their team members on track. This article will focus on the courses of study that online graduate certificate programs in organizational leadership will generally include.

Typical Courses in Online Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate Programs

Online graduate certificate programs in organizational leadership can have up to 18 credit hours of material and can take up to one year to complete, depending on the level of study the student chooses. There are a number of core courses that students can expect to take in this program.

Leadership and Development

Leadership and development courses will explore what it takes to be an effective leader and should give students an insight into different leadership styles and theories, allowing them to self-assess their own management and leadership styles. Students will also learn skills for helping to develop team members both professionally and personally. Students could spend time applying leadership and development theories to real-life situations

Change and Motivation

Students will learn how to design, implement and support organizational change. A key element of the role of leadership within an organization is how to manage and motivate teams during times of change, and so students could spend time exploring tools they can use to help motivate and empower team members during times of change. Students may spend time reviewing case studies and identifying different change methods.

Leadership Ethics

When leading an organization, it's important for students to know their ethical responsibilities. After completing these courses, students will be able to seamlessly incorporate theoretical ethical principles into their own views of leadership. Other topics that these courses could cover include ethical models, decision making and ethical leadership.

Conflict Management

When it comes to dealing with staff in a team environment, conflict is almost inevitable. As such, courses in conflict management should provide students with skills in how to deal with conflict. Students may also learn about dealing with difficult team members and challenging employee relationships.


A successful leader will need to know how to motivate the other members of their team. Courses that focus on motivation should give students insight into how to effectively motivate those around them. When enrolled in these courses, students may learn about motivational strategies and models that can be used in the workplace.

General Admission Requirements for Online Graduate Programs in Organizational Leadership

In order to be considered for admission to online graduate certificate programs in organizational leadership, applicants need to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. The programs may not require the degree to be in a specific field but prospective students may need a minimum GPA of 3.0. When applying, prospective students may also need to submit supporting documents like school transcripts, a current resume, a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. In a few cases, the graduate certificate programs may require an interview.

Online graduate certificate programs that focus on organizational leadership may take up to a year to complete Students should complete such a program with the necessary skills and tools to effectively lead within an organization.

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