Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Engineering

Oct 29, 2019

Working professionals who are already in the engineering field can use graduate certificates to upgrade their skills or advance their knowledge. Depending on the program, these persons can either use the certificate they have earned to further their careers or branch out into a new field. This article will provide an overview of a few of the online graduate certificate programs that are available.

Overview of Online Graduate Certificate Programs Focused on Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

These graduate certificate programs can range from between four and 24 credit hours in course content. In some cases, persons can further specialize in specific areas of aerospace engineering such as structural or flight mechanics and space flight. For persons who might be interested in pursuing a master's degree in the same area at a later date, there are times when the credits from the courses from the certificate program can be transferred. Some of the topics that can be covered in these programs include flight dynamics, aerodynamics, flight flows, and composite materials.

Transportation Engineering

Programs in transportation engineering can be attractive to persons who wish to pursue a career involved in streamlining transportation systems. The credits from these courses can be transferred to a master's degree program at a later date if needed. Graduate certificate programs in transportation engineering generally have 12 courses that students need to complete, which can include a research paper. A few of the courses that students can expect to take when enrolled in these programs are geometric designs, transportation systems, traffic flow, and land development.

Engineering Leadership

Graduate certificate programs in engineering leadership are designed for engineering professionals who are interested in learning more about what's involved in an engineering business such as leadership qualities and managing a team. Some programs will incorporate areas of innovation or entrepreneurship as well. When enrolled in these graduate certificate programs, students can learn about project management, project innovation, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. The programs can contain up to 12 credits worth of courses that may count towards certain master's degree programs.

Engineering Management

With these graduate certificate programs, professionals learn the skills and tools needed to provide more effective leadership within engineering projects and teams. The programs are usually comprised of 12 credits and since they're self-paced, students can earn their certificate in as little as a year. In some cases, these 12 credits can count towards a master's degree in the field as long as the student is accepted into the master's degree program before completing them. Some of the subject areas that are covered in these programs are business law, total quality management, financial modeling as well as sales and marketing.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is an interesting combination of disciplines that can help engineering professionals understand how technology plays into modern systems. A few of the courses that may be included in these programs are systems analysis, systems integration, risk analysis, and system design. Students may need to complete as many as 15 credits to earn the certificate, some of which may count towards a master's degree. As part of the requirements, students may need to do a practical project based on the industry.

General Admission Requirements for Graduate Certificate Programs in Engineering

In order to be considered for admission to graduate certificate programs focused on engineering, applicants must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. It's required for the degree to be in an engineering, scientific or mathematical field and the minimum GPA that's required is 2.75. For certain programs, prospective students will need to have a number of years of work experience in the industry. Along with an application, prospective students may need to submit a current resume and letters of recommendation.

Graduate certificate programs in engineering can cover a wide range of topics. Persons can gain admission to these programs with an undergraduate degree in a STEM-related field.

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