Online High School for California Students

Jun 08, 2018

There are a multitude of online high school options for students who live in the state of California. This article will cover some of those options by focusing on unique characteristics of each program, including course offerings and extracurricular activities.

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Students who live in California may be interested in exploring non-traditional educational routes, like online high school. There are a number of online high school programs to choose from in California, a few of which we will discuss in greater detail.

Online High Schools in California

When deciding whether or not online high school is the right path, interested students as well as their parents will likely want to explore all the online high school options available to them in the area. There are numerous options in California that may be worth considering, all of which are unique in their own way. We will look at five of these options below.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Video lessons, courses offered for dual college credit
California Connections Academy Public Advanced and AP courses, college planning club, career and technical education courses
Insight Schools of California Public Individualized learning plans, college and career planning guidance and support
Forest Trail Academy Private College prep or general education diploma options, academic advisors, summer school, recovery courses, advanced and AP course options
Stanford Online High School Private Advanced and AP course options, student clubs, in-person meet-up opportunities, academic counseling and advising

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Description of Online Schools for California Students

Unique course offerings, extracurricular activities, and dual credit offerings are available at many of these online schools in California. Below, we will look at five online high school programs in greater detail so parents and students can gain a high-level overview of the programs.

View High School

View High School is a private virtual high school that is available to students from around the country, including California. View High School offers all of the necessary courses in core curriculum subjects that are required by most universities and colleges as prerequisites for enrollment. In addition, it also offers several elective courses in topics like foreign language, physical education, and the arts. When enrolled in a course, students at View will learn material through video lessons and lectures, and they have the ability to reach their instructors during posted office hours. Students also have the opportunity to earn dual high school and college credit by enrolling in some dual credit course options.

California Connections Academy

California Connections Academy is an online public high school available to students who live in California. This program offers students a wide variety of courses to choose from, including core curriculum subjects like math and science, elective subjects and AP and honors course options. In addition, this school offers students a variety of career and technical education courses in areas like criminal justice, psychology, and finance which are designed to give students a glimpse into what these career fields are like. Outside of academics, students can participate in a number of different clubs like a college planning club, debate club, and the student newspaper club.

Insight Schools of California

Insight Schools of California is another online public school option for high school students. Students who enroll in this program will work with Insight staff to create an Individualized Learning Plan before they even begin taking courses. This plan is designed with the student's post-high school goals in mind, along with their interests and learning styles. Students use this plan to help guide them in their course selection and throughout their time as a student at Insight. Students also can take advantage of Insight's career and college planning counselors, who help students discover what types of careers may be of interest to them, how to apply for financial aid, and how to write a proper resume.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is a private online high school available to students from around the country. This school is designed to meet the needs of all different types of students, as it offers credit recovery courses for students who have previously failed a course, summer school options for students who need to catch up or want to get ahead, and advanced and AP course options for high achievers. Students at Forest Trail Academy can earn either one of two offered diplomas - the general education diploma or the college preparatory diploma, which requires a few more credits. Both of these diplomas are accepted at colleges, universities, and technical schools around the country.

Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School, operated by the prestigious Stanford University, is designed for high-achieving students who are interested in taking challenging college preparatory courses in core curriculum subjects and electives. Students are able to work with academic advisors and counselors to select courses, develop stronger writing skills, and navigate the college application process. Stanford Online School has a large course catalog of core curriculum courses, as well as electives like portrait drawing, legal studies, philosophy of art, and film. Students can enroll in a number of AP courses if they wish, though Stanford also offers alternative advanced course offerings if students do not plan to use the AP credit in college. In addition to academics, Stanford Online School organizes a number of online student clubs and in-person meet-up events for students of the school.

State Regulations for Online Schools in California

Online public high schools operating in the state of California must operate by the same standards as traditional public high schools in the state. This means that online high school students must meet the requirements for graduation as set by the state of California. At minimum, students must earn three credits in English, two credits of math, two credits of science, three credits of social studies, one credit of arts or foreign language, and two credits of physical education. However, students who plan to attend college or university will likely be required to complete more courses in order to qualify for admission.

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