Online Jobs for High Schoolers

Jan 20, 2020

Jobs for high schoolers are no longer limited to retail, food service, and summer positions. Instead, explore five creative ideas for online jobs that teenagers can hold while in high school.

Best Online Jobs for High Schoolers

Technology has made life easier in many areas, including employment options for high schoolers. Rather than having to apply in-person for work at retail establishments, restaurants, and summer-only opportunities, teenagers can now enjoy the flexibility of using the Internet to make money. If you are a high schooler who is currently seeking a job, check out the following list of online-based opportunities.

Job Title Median Hourly Wage Job Outlook (2018-2028)*
Craft and Fine Artists $23.54 (2018)* 1%
Copy Editors $28.60 (2018)* all editors -3% (all editors)
Tutors $14.83 (2018)** entry-level tutors 10% (teachers and instructors, all other)
Voice-Over Talent $39.63 (2018)** 1% (all actors)
Writers $29.89 (2018)* writers and authors 0% (writers and authors)

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Information on the Best Online Jobs for High Schoolers

Craft and Fine Artists

For high schoolers who possess a special talent for creating works of art, working as a craft or fine artist can be a flexible and high-paying position. No formal education is required to make and sell artwork, and hours can be tailored to fit a busy high school schedule. Craft and fine artists use their natural talents and learned techniques to create paintings, sculptures, and pottery. Individuals who choose this role can sell their work exclusively online through one of the many popular handmade goods eCommerce platforms.

Copy Editors

Although most employers prefer that editors have a bachelor's degree or experience in proofreading, some are willing to hire students who demonstrate strong writing abilities. Students can then access writing assignments over the company's portal and work at their own pace, or they could have certain deadlines to meet. They'll often read text to check for grammatical errors, clarity, punctuation, spelling, and accuracy. Editors may send writing assignments back to writers to correct or make the changes themselves. They may also conduct research to check facts and sources.


Teens who are strong in one or more subjects can use their talents to work as a tutor. Online tutor positions usually do not have formal educational requirements, yet do require demonstration of skill in the area in which one plans to tutor. Individuals in this role work with students individually to help them master concepts in a specific subject. They also advise on proper study habits, prepare for tutoring sessions in advance, and identify areas in which a student is struggling.

Voice-Over Talent

Those who have their eye on one day working as an actor or actress can work online as a voice-over talent. No educational prerequisites are necessary to apply for these roles, yet acting experience and natural talent is a must. Voice-over actors supply their voices by speaking lines for video games, movies, television shows, and radio ads. Some voice-over positions allow talent to record and submit their work digitally, without ever setting foot in a recording studio.


High school students who are getting close to graduation (and who possess a natural talent for English) have likely gained sufficient skills to work online as a part-time writer. While most full-time writing positions have educational requirements, paid assignments for skilled writers can be found without a degree. A flexible schedule and the skill building opportunities provided by this position make it a wonderful choice for high schoolers. The duties of a writer include crafting articles, ad copy, or other written content of interest, and working with editors to create final drafts.

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