Online Jobs for Military Spouses

Feb 20, 2018

Working online is a great option for military spouses. These jobs, which can be done from anywhere there is an internet location, will not be affected by the frequent moves that many military families experience. Take a look at some of the median salaries, growth outlooks and descriptions for these online jobs.

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Being the spouse of an individual in the armed forces can mean moving around quite often, making holding down a regular job difficult. An online job allows individuals in this position the ability to work without having to worry about their next move. These jobs can be performed from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

Job Title Median Salary, 2016 Job Growth, 2016-2026 Applicable Skills/Traits
Secretary or Administrative Assistant $37,230 -5% Organizational skills
Writer or Author $61,240 8% Writing skills, creativity
Interpreter or Translator $46,120 18% Language skills
Editor $57,210 -1% Writing skills, knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
Medical Transcriptionist $35,720 -3% Writing skills, typing skills

Source: *Bureau of Labor Statistics

Online Job Options for Military Spouses

Working remotely is a great option for military spouses, and the following jobs all have ample opportunities for online work that won't be affected by a sudden change in location. In some cases, online jobs allow individuals to have flexible schedules, which could also be a benefit for busy spouses. Many of these jobs involve writing; however, the pursuits they encompass are diverse, making it possible for individuals with varied interests to find the right fit.

Secretary or Administrative Assistant

Even as the overall number of people who work as secretaries and administrative assistants is going down, more opportunities are opening to do this type of work online. Online jobs in this field range in terms of hours and responsibilities, but typically consist of organizing files and appointments, and generally supporting other business staff. Entry-level jobs in this field require a high school diploma, and prior experience can help greatly during the hiring process. The Military Spouse Employment Partnership can also help in landing a job as a secretary or administrative assistant. This program has partnerships for military spouses for remote work with companies like AT&T, Amazon, and Starbucks, among others.

Writer or Author

Writing is a job that can easily be done from anywhere -- all one needs is something that they have to say. One great way for military spouses to enter this field is by writing about their experience in this role. There are tons of websites that are looking for content on military life, a topic any significant other of military personnel should be intimate with even if they aren't specifically writing about the role of the spouse. A bachelor's degree is helpful for careers in this field, particularly one in English, journalism, or communications. However, depending on the writing jobs one secures, a high school diploma may be enough.

Interpreter or Translator

Interpreters and translators are more in demand than ever. As our world becomes more connected this becomes more true, making these jobs easy to secure for individuals with language skills. As an interpreter or translator, one may work for any number of organizations, including hospitals, schools, big companies, or even individuals. Much of this work can be done remotely, so finding online job options in the field shouldn't be difficult. The work itself varies, ranging from translating text to interpreting conversations over the phone. Although most interpreters and translators have bachelor's degrees, fluency in more than one language is far more important.


A growing number of editors are working from home, so although the job growth in this field is almost completely stagnant, more remote opportunities are appearing. Looking for an editing job at an online media company could be a solid bet for employment. Duties include reading and changing text for accuracy and grammar as well as working with writers to create good content. Editors face fast turnaround times, which can make this job stressful. Employment typically requires one to have a bachelor's degree in a field related to writing or media. Experience as a writer can also help one land a job as an editor.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists turn the recorded conversations that doctors and other healthcare specialists have with their patients into text. Individuals in this job, also sometimes referred to as healthcare documentation specialists, can work directly for healthcare institutions or third-party contracting organizations. Those working remotely need a home office and transcription equipment. A thorough knowledge of the appropriate medical terminology is integral to success within this field. Most individuals who work as medical transcriptionists have some degree of secondary education.

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