Online Master's in Evolutionary Psychology Programs

Jan 26, 2018

While online master's degree programs in evolutionary psychology aren't usually available, you have other online and on-campus options to consider. Find out more about these program options and how they compare.

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You won't typically find online master's degree programs available in the field of evolutionary psychology. However, you can still attain an online master's degree in another area of psychology or study evolutionary psychology on a college campus.

Online vs. On-Campus Master's Degree Options

Online Master's Degree in Psychology

An online master's degree program is designed to give you the maximum flexibility possible while still allowing you the opportunity to complete your graduate degree work. The program allows you to attend classes when you want by logging into your online courses. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning you can finish your courses during the times that fit your busy schedule. Although evolutionary psychology isn't typically offered as a concentration in online programs, there are numerous other concentrations that can be pursued online, such as general applied psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, community psychology and forensic psychology.

Just as with an on-campus master's degree program, you'll need to complete core coursework in psychology. These courses include foundations in statistics as well as research methods. During this time, you'll also become familiar with the ethical concerns that many psychologists face during their line of work, and you'll take specific courses in line with your chosen concentration. At the end of your coursework, you'll often need to complete a capstone project or thesis to show that you've achieved mastery in your field, and this project may be both faculty- and peer-reviewed. You can expect to finish the degree in 15-18 months full-time or longer if you enroll part-time.

On-Campus Master's Degree in Evolutionary Psychology

On-campus master's degree programs are typically designed as one step on the road to a doctorate, although you can find some master's programs in evolutionary psychology that are terminal. On-campus programs require you to meet with your professors and classmates in a traditional campus setting. Just as with an online program, you can finish within two years. Just like in the online programs, you'll need to complete core psychological coursework dealing with research methods. This concentration will then go in-depth into the study of human cognition, human behavior in groups, and relationship choices. These are only a few examples of the coursework you'll encounter designed to help you better understand how humans interact with other humans and the natural world.

Program Admittance Requirements

Regardless of whether they're online or offline programs, master's programs typically require students to have a specific GPA - such as a 3.0 minimum - to enter and remain in the program. This can vary from campus to campus though, so consult with the university prior to submitting your application. You'll also be expected to have a bachelor's degree prior to admission. Typically, it is expected that this degree will be in psychology. However, as with GPA, this requirement may vary from school to school. On-campus programs traditionally require your GRE scores, but an online program may not do so.

Although you're unlikely to find an online master's degree program specifically in evolutionary psychology, you can earn your master's online in other areas of psychology. Alternately, you could study evolutionary psychology through an on-campus terminal master's degree program or Ph.D. program.

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