Online MBA Programs in Ohio

Feb 28, 2019

Individuals who would like to learn more about what online MBA program options are available to them in the state of Ohio can do so by reading this article, which provides general information about five such programs in addition to admissions information.

There are a wide number of universities in the state of Ohio that offer online MBA programs. This article will highlight five of these universities and their respective programs by focusing on how each program is structured, what types of courses and concentrations they offer, and the timeline to degree completion. Additionally, general information regarding program admission will be discussed.

Overview of Online MBA Programs in Ohio

Ashland University

One option for students seeking online MBA programs in Ohio is the program offered by Ashland University. In this program, students are expected to complete 30 credit hours over a 12-month timeframe if they are pursuing the accelerated program. However, it is also possible for students to complete the program on a part-time basis, in which case they may complete it in around two years. Students who hope to complete the degree within one year can also elect to pursue either a concentration in project management or sport management. In addition, there are a number of other specialization options available, like financial management or human resources, though it is possible that the courses within these concentrations are not offered on the accelerated schedule, which students may want to take into consideration. In terms of course delivery, students have the option to complete coursework by enrolling in synchronous classes if they want to complete their courses from anywhere but still desire the experience of a classroom setting.

Ohio University

Another option for students is the online MBA program offered at Ohio University. In this program, students will complete 26 credits of the required core curriculum. Then, they can focus their MBA degree by selecting one of the eight offered concentrations: health care, operations and supply chain management, strategic selling and sales leadership, finance, business analytics, executive management, business venturing and entrepreneurship, or accounting which requires the completion of nine additional credits. This program is designed to be completed over six semesters and students are given the freedom to complete coursework at their own pace within the given course deadlines. However, students who enroll in this program are required to participate in a weekend-long workshop during the program and may occasionally be required to log in at specific times for certain course components that must be completed live.

Kent State University

Kent State University also offers an online MBA program in Ohio. This program is flexible in that students can begin taking courses during the spring, summer, or fall semesters. Each course takes eight weeks to complete and students must complete 36 total credit hours to fulfill the curriculum requirements. Students who enroll in the program on a full-time basis can complete it in as few as 12 months, though it is also possible to complete courses at a much slower pace as long as all courses are finished within six years. For individuals who are interested in focusing their studies in a particular area of business, they can select a concentration in either supply chain management or international business.

Cleveland State University

Individuals may also be interested in the online accelerated MBA program at Cleveland State University, which is designed to be completed in 12 months. Students who enroll in this program are able to continue working while earning their MBA degree and are able to begin the coursework in either the fall or spring semester. The coursework is designed to be completed in a specific order so students are required to follow a predetermined course schedule within the program. Depending on the elective courses that students select, the program requires either the completion of 32 or 34 credit hours. If students already have an undergraduate background in business, they may be able to waive some of the prerequisite courses that are required before students can begin the core curriculum of the program.

Walsh University

Walsh University's online MBA program accepts individuals from many academic backgrounds and can be completed in only one year. The program accepts applicants on a year-round basis, with six official program start dates throughout the year. Students in this program will either complete 42 credit hours if they don't have a business background or 36 credit hours if they have previously studied business. Courses are designed to be completed in eight-week modules and students can take up to two courses at a time. In addition to the core curriculum, which covers topics like marketing and financial accounting, students can choose a specialization area like healthcare management or general management through the selection of elective courses.

General Admission Standards for Online MBA Programs in Ohio

When applying to an online MBA program, students will need to submit a number of application materials in order to be considered for admission. These generally include past academic transcripts, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, a resume or CV, and a completed application form. Whether or not these programs require students to submit GMAT or GRE scores depends on the program, so students are advised to check with each program that they are interested in. Similarly, some programs may prefer applicants who have some professional experience, though this generally depends on the type of MBA program that students apply to and is often not as commonly required among online MBA programs.

To summarize the information above, there are a number of online MBA program options in Ohio. Some of them have different curriculum options, especially in the types of concentrations they offer, so students will likely want to select a program that offers courses that are most aligned with their future career goals.

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