Part-Time Jobs for Military Spouses

Mar 08, 2018

A part-time job is a great way for military spouses to stay busy and make some money, while also maintaining a flexible schedule. These jobs are varied in both content and character, and can fit many different personalities.

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Getting a part-time job can be a great way for the spouses of military personnel to earn a bit of money without having to worry about long-term commitments. Furthermore, those who are also responsible for looking after the kids can much more easily fit part-time work into their schedule.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Skills/Traits
Food and Beverage Server $19,630 14% Interpersonal skills, service industry skills, and food knowledge
Animal Care Worker $22,230 22% Love for animals, care-giving skills
Childcare Worker $21,170 7% Care-giving skills, patience, stamina
Writer or Author $61,240 8% Creativity, writing skills, editing skills, organizational skills
Technical Writer $69,850 11% Expertise in a specific field like engineering, writing skills, detail oriented

Excellent Part-Time Jobs for Military Spouses

A military spouse must take into consideration his or her enlisted partner's military duties and their family situation to find a life-work balance. The jobs in this list have ample opportunities to do work on a part-time basis, which can more easily fit into an uncertain or hectic schedule. Some of these positions require one to go into a workspace, while others are done at one's own home or a client's location. Still others are done on a computer, making them possible to preform from anywhere with an internet connection.

Food and Beverage Service Worker

Flexible and part-time jobs abound within this industry, which can be ideal for those whose enlisted spouse is on a varied schedule. Although food and beverage work is not the most glamorous, it can fit into a busy schedule and be great money if one works somewhere where people tip well.

For parents, or even spouses who want to avoid having an opposite schedule from their significant other, coffee shops can be great places to find a job in this industry. Coffee shops open early, so shifts end in the early afternoon, allowing for plenty of time to pick the kids up from school. Keep in mind though that in this industry, schedules may change on a weekly basis or require one to work during the holidays. So, it is important that military spouses reach an agreement with managers about what hours are best for them to work. Employers in this industry often prefer hiring workers with previous experience, however is it possible to get a job without it.

Animal Care Worker

More people than ever have pets these days, and jobs in this industry are becoming available at an increasing rate. Caring for animals is an easy part-time job to get, as a high school diploma is all the is required. The variety of options in this field allows military spouses to work wherever their spouse is stationed or relocated to.

The actual jobs available in this industry are diverse in terms of work environment or time commitment. Getting a job as a groomer or at a pet store means set hours, but part-time work is still available. If one decides to work as a dog walker or pet sitter though, the hours can be short or quite random. As a dog sitter, it is also possible to work from home. Although most of these positions have on-the-job training, others require workers to take additional training sessions paid by the employer.

Childcare Worker

Jobs in this industry are not growing as fast as the previous two, but as long as people continue to have children there will be a need childcare workers. Much like caring for animals, the job settings available for this work are quite diverse. This type of work may be best suited for military spouses who do not have children of their own since that would impede on their own family responsibilities.

It is possible to get a part-time job at a day care; however, these facilities are often interested in full-time workers and schedules often vary. Positions as a babysitter or nanny are the best bet for part-time work as a childcare worker, and come with the added bonuses of flexible hours, and the ability to work in the comfortable environment of one's own or the child's home. Depending on the job, a certificate or degree in early childhood education might be necessary, however some employers will hire people with no prior experience. Childcare workers who are self-employed may be under varying requirements, since the parents hiring them will most likely have different expectations from one another.

Writer or Author

Many writers and authors are freelance or contract workers, who are typically responsible for making deadlines, but have the advantage of working from home. This work style can be a great fit for military spouses since, as their own boss, they can set the hours and amount of work they do. Those can be great perks when juggling parenting responsibilities and/or needing to relocate.

Breaking into this field can be difficult, however, and typically requires a bachelor's degree in English, journalism, or a related field. Having prior internship experience can help grow the experience needed to get decent paying jobs. There are also several areas that a writer or author can go into including blogging, content writing, and copywriting. In the blogging sphere, military spouses can contribute their advice and experiences to different websites that aim to help other spouses in that situation.

Technical Writer

Becoming a technical writer is a great option for the spouse who has expertise in a field like medicine or engineering but has had to put that career on hold. This job is available on a freelance basis, but hours and project types vary and may require some in-office work. Those with the necessary knowledge and amount of experience can find part-time work. With all these factors in mind, this position is best suited for spouses who know their military partner will be stationed for a considerable amount of time.

These writers prepare material that communicates complicated ideas within a field and must have the expertise to talk about that field with authority. They may be involved in writing instructional manuals and how-to-guides, journal articles, and articles for vocational magazines. They may also collaborate with other professionals to make sure all the information is accurate. A bachelor's degree in the field one is writing about, as well as prior experience as a technical writer are highly preferred

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