Peace Corps Jobs for Senior Citizens

Jan 20, 2020

While most people associate the Peace Corps with overseas volunteer opportunities, the Peace Corps actually employs many people in a variety of occupations. So, if you are a senior citizen interested in re-entering the work force, you will find some Peace Corps opportunities in this article.

Job Options for Senior Citizens with the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is an independent government agency whose employees are part of the federal government's 'excepted service', meaning not part of the civil service, and under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, discrimination is prohibited by the Peace Corps on the basis of age (40 and older). As such, senior citizens, who, these days, can be anyone 50 and older, can apply for any position, whether in the U.S. or abroad, within the Peace Corps. However, there is a 'five-year rule', meaning that employees can only work for the Peace Corps for up to five years before taking the same number of years off, and many times open positions are available only to current federal employees and/or to U.S. citizens.

In addition, most Peace Corps positions stateside can only be found in Washington, D.C., although there are regional offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco that may also offer employment opportunities. Employees are paid under the Foreign Service Pay Scale (FP), and the specific grade level and step, as well as the base salary, is listed for each position. Let's take a look at some of the jobs that are available for senior citizens within the Peace Corps.

Job Title Average FP Grade Level * Corresponding Base Pay*
Country Director FP 02 - 01 $101,204 to $148,621 per year
Accounting Officer FP 02 $$109,219 to $160,392 per year
Placement Supervisor FP 03 $88,500 to $129,965 per year
Director of University Programs FP 03 $88,500 to $129,965 per year
IT Specialist FP 04 - 03 $71,712 to $105,312 per year

Source: * (2018)

Information on Peace Corps Job Options for Senior Citizens

Country Director

Country Directors (CD) work overseas, are in charge of all Peace Corps operations within their assigned country and serve as the Peace Corps representative in that country. Like the CEO of a company, a CD is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all administrative functions like budgeting, personnel and procurement are running properly, and they do this through working closely with the staff in charge of these, as well as the many other administrative areas and programs. Country Directors must have strong leadership skills and, while there are no specific educational requirements, this position requires two years of relevant international experience in a developing country. So if you have this experience and are interested in committing to a five-year appointment, this may be a job for you.

Accounting Officer

If you previously worked in an upper-level financial position and are looking to return to work, but don't want to obligate yourself to too many years of service, a five-year stint as an accounting officer with the Peace Corps may fit the bill. As an accounting officer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining various accounting systems, preparing financial statements, reviewing reconciliations and other financial data, and creating procedural guidelines for the accounting practices. In addition to previous relevant experience performing the tasks already noted, a degree in accounting is typically required, although other degrees like business administration and finance that have been supplemented with at least 24 hours of accounting credits, will be considered. Additional combinations of education and experience may also suffice.

Placement Supervisor

The placement supervisor manages all of the programs associated with the volunteer selection process. Responsibilities include evaluating various program processes such as the country assignment process as well as the process that examines a volunteer's credentials and matches those to a volunteer job assignment. The placement supervisor is then responsible for recommending changes to improve the services provided. If you have previous supervisory experience, as well as previous experience managing outreach programs or developing new programs, you may be eligible for this five-year position.

Director of University Programs

The Director of University Programs plays an important role in the success of the Peace Corps' overall campus recruitment program. This position is responsible for evaluating current recruitment planning strategies, recommending and implementing changes to improve processes, as well as actually developing new and innovative recruitment strategies. The Director of University Programs also serves as the liaison between the Peace Corps and universities and colleges, maintaining positive relationships for the benefit of recruitment efforts. There are no specific educational requirements for this position, so if you are a senior citizen with previous experience managing systems, administering regulations and supervising employees, you may want to consider this five-year position.

IT Specialist

The Peace Corps has a variety of information technology (IT) specialists jobs including developers and system administrators. IT specialists are responsible for handling a wide variety of computer hardware, software and networking functions, including systems administration, analysis, security and design. If you have previous IT experience or a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a related field (some positions require a Ph.D. or a master's degree along with significant progress towards a Ph.D.) and are interested in committing to a five-year work assignment, you may want to consider one of these positions.

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