PhD in Management Information Systems: Jobs & Salary

Jul 24, 2019

Now that you have obtained a doctorate in management information systems, you could have a number of career opportunities. Discover some options for using your PhD, and how much you can expect to make.

Earning a PhD in Management Information Systems (MIS) puts you at the top of qualified individuals who understand people's interaction with hardware and software. From networking to architecture and security, you'll cover many different aspects of technological interfacing. Most PhD holders choose to use this degree for education or research purposes, but you could also find yourself in other hands-on or management roles.

Careers with a PhD in Management Information Systems

Job Title Median Salary (May 2018)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Postsecondary Teacher $82,220 (computer science) 8% (computer science)
Computer and Information Research Scientist $118,370 19%
Computer and Information Systems Manager $142,530 12%
Computer Hardware Engineer $114,600 5%
Computer Network Architect $109,020 6%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Descriptions of Careers with a PhD in Management Information Systems

Postsecondary Teacher

Your PhD qualifies you to teach computer courses at the college level. If you love the idea of sharing your passion with eager students, you can become a college professor, where you'll design your own lesson plans and instruct students in person or through distance education. You'll give reading and written homework assignments to keep students fresh for discussion when they return to each class, and you'll grade plenty of papers throughout an academic semester. You might become an advisor for students majoring in computer science and chart their course toward a degree. If you enjoy traveling, you can make regular appearances at academic conferences.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

If you enjoyed performing research as a graduate student, you can transform that into a career as a computer information systems (CIS) scientist. You might create a new model or propose a new theory as they relate to some of the core issues in technology. You'll perform experiments on a daily basis to find out the accuracy of your predictions, and you can perform further analysis once you have results in front of you. Whether you are interested in programming languages or designing robotics, you'll find your niche in research science. You can expect to attend conferences on a regular basis, where you'll meet plenty of new colleagues to share your findings.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Managers of information systems, more commonly referred to as IT managers, make the decisions for a company or organization related to their technological activities. With a PhD or as little as a bachelor's degree and five to ten years of experience, you'll understand the needs of security and funding for your staff. You might ascend to the rank of a chief information officer or chief technology officer. Your research specialty may play a part in your direction as a top-level IT executive. If you work with a smaller company, you're more likely to have hands-on control over everyday activities.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Your interest in building user-friendly hardware could pay off with a career in engineering. Hardware engineers build computers from scratch, starting with blueprints and turning them into tangible pieces of equipment. With a PhD in MIS, you'll have a greater understanding of how your designs will make people's lives easier. You can also supervise the production of new hardware and provide updates to existing equipment to maximize the shelf life of hardware, boosting its compatibility with new software.

Computer Network Architects

After earning a doctorate, you may have performed research on the connections people use among computer and internet networks. As a computer network architect, you'll create the layout for entire data communication structures. You'll take security into consideration when presenting your networks to everyone collaborating on the project. You'll also get the chance to research new technology and figure out how to utilize advancements as you make progress on your network.

Earning a PhD in MIS can mean a future in research, education, or programming, among other tech-related industries. You'll be eligible for advanced positions within your field with a doctorate.

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