Physically Active Jobs for Introverts

Jan 18, 2020

There are a few career options for those interested in an occupation that requires physical activity and limited interaction with others. Learn about these options, their salaries, the education needed, and job growth.

Career Options for Physically Active Introverts

Introverts who are looking for a career that keeps them physically active have several different options. Many of these career options require working outdoors, and the physical activity varies from lifting heavy materials to walking long distances to training intensely for a sport. Take a look at some of the different opportunities that require little social interaction and lots of physical activity.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Structural Iron and Steel Worker $53,970 11%
Roofer $39,970 12%
Nonfarm Animal Caretaker $23,760 16%
Agriculture Equipment Operator $31,190 10%
Construction Laborer $35,800 11%
Landscape and Groundskeeping Worker $13.94 per hour 9%
Athlete and Sports Competitor $50,650 6%
Conservation Scientist and Forester $61,340 3%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Physically Active Jobs for Introverts

Structural Iron and Steel Worker

Structural iron and steel workers put up iron and steel to help reinforce structures, including buildings and bridges. They must be able to follow a plan, position the reinforcements, and connect them either by bolting or welding them together. These workers typically work alone, though they do normally communicate to equipment operators with signals. Iron and steel workers usually need a high school diploma and learn while on the job, but they also must have physical endurance to move and guide rebar and other heavy materials.


Roofers take apart and replace, fix, and build roofs. This requires a roofer to be on their feet all day, moving around materials, and they do a lot of bending and picking up tools, so this fits those wanting a physically active occupation. Roofers also typically work on their own or with a couple of people, with little communication necessary to complete the job. Roofers usually complete an apprenticeship program, though no formal education is needed.

Nonfarm Animal Caretaker

Nonfarm animal caretakers, like petsitters, take care of animals when their owners are away. Though they spend some time interacting with animal owners about what they expect, most of their time is spent just with the animals. Their duties may include caring for, grooming, training, and exercising the animals, which takes physical stamina. Nonfarm animal caretakers usually need a high school diploma and learn while on the job.

Agriculture Equipment Operator

Introverts who enjoy physically active jobs may like to become agriculture equipment operators. This career option requires very little interaction with others and focuses on the ability to run and maintain heavy farm equipment, such as tractors, trailers, combines, and trucks. Agriculture equipment operators learn while on the job and do not need a formal education.

Construction Laborer

Construction laborer is another career option for those who want to work in an active career field with little interaction with others. Construction laborers are responsible for taking care of construction sites, preparing sites for construction, operating machinery, and following instructions. All of these tasks may involve completing strenuous activities. While construction laborers must be good listeners to follow a supervisor's instructions, introverts do well at this occupation because there is not much interaction needed to complete the job. Construction laborers learn on the job and normally do not need a formal education.

Landscape and Groundskeeping Worker

Landscapers and groundskeeping workers must be able to work on their own and have physical endurance to complete tasks such as mowing, weeding, planting, and taking care of trees and plants. They normally work long hours in the heat, and the job requires a lot of walking and physical activity. Landscapers and groundskeeping workers do not need a formal education, and they learn while on the job.

Athlete and Sports Competitor

Athletes and sports competitors must be physically active through training, exercising, and competing. Introverts would do particularly well in individual sports such as running, golfing, swimming, and skiing, where they can participate alone and usually only need to work with a couple coaches. In addition, they need to understand the rules and regulations of the game, review their performance, and work with fitness instructors to enhance their abilities. Athletes do not need a formal education.

Conservation Scientist and Forester

Conservation scientists and foresters direct conservation and forestry activities, negotiate contracts, and monitor forest use. Though some of this job requires interacting with other people regarding land use or directing small teams, introverts may enjoy this occupation because some of the work is done alone in isolated forests or remote locations. This career option also requires walking long distances, which would benefit those who want to stay physically active. Conservation scientists and foresters must have a bachelor's degree in forestry or a related field.

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