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Sep 22, 2019

Plant biology is an uncommon subject to find online; however, there are a few programs that offer degrees in this area. Students can expect to take courses in plant physiology, ecology, organic chemistry, and other areas. Graduates can pursue careers as botanists, but there are other career options available.

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Online Plant Biology Degree Overview

While online plant biology programs are fairly rare, there are a few schools around the nation that offer online degrees. When studying plant biology, you will learn about plants at the molecular and global levels. You will learn how plants can be used to produce food, medicine, and fiber for the world's increasing population. Although these courses are online, you will have the opportunity to do hands-on work, such as writing business plans and creating greenhouse models. Further details of this degree will be discussed below.

Admission Requirements for an Online Plant Biology Degree

The admission requirements for a botany degree vary based on the school. However, there are some key requirements you should keep in mind before you apply. Prospective applicants should have a high school diploma or GED with a strong background in high school biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. If you don't have all the required science and math coursework, however, you can make up for it early in your college career.

Coursework for an Online Plant Biology Degree

The required coursework for a plant biology degree varies depending on the program. Below is a list of courses you may expect to take while studying botany online.

Plant Physiology

This class is a survey of the physiological processes in plants. Students will study processes such as photosynthesis, metabolism, plant/cell water relations, and mineral nutrition. This is primarily a lecture class.

Weed Management

This course will help students identify weeds, as well as covering plant classification, life cycles, and reproduction. Students will also learn the harmful effects unwanted plants have on people and the environment. Solutions will be provided as to how to manage weeds effectively depending on the situation.

Plant Ecology

This course focuses on how plants relate to their environments. Students will study how plant physiology and reproduction relate to environmental factors. The course also covers competition and interactions with other species.

Organic Chemistry

This course covers aromatic and aliphatic chemistry. Students learn nomenclature, synthesis, and mechanism. The course also teaches stereochemistry of organic compounds.

Computer Science

This course teaches computer fundamentals such as hardware and software, privacy, and security. Students will also learn how to manage information and keep it secure. The course also covers how to make well-designed presentations, as well as how to manage data and project information on the internet.

How to Choose an Online Botany Program

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an online botany program. Although the program is online, the coursework should provide ample opportunity for hands-on projects. Additionally, the coursework should include science courses such as biochemistry and ecology to give you a sound foundation for understanding plant biology. It is also helpful to find a program that provides coursework in business to better prepare you for a career in plant biology.

Career Options with a Plant Biology Degree

Most students who graduate with a degree in botany become botanists. According to, the median salary for botanists was $50,241 per year as of August 2019. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the field of soil and plant science would grow 8% from 2018 to 2028. Below are some other careers you might pursue with a botany degree:

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