Police Careers for Former Army Infantry

Sep 03, 2018

After serving in the infantry, former soldiers may want to settle in a job that directly utilizes the experiences, skills and values that they have acquired on the field and become police officers. Below is a description of five police careers which former Army infantry soldiers may consider.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2017/2018) Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Skills/Traits
Park Police Officers $30,240* (Protective service workers, all other) 8% (Protective service workers, all other) Eye for detail, physically fit, inductive and deductive reasoning, critical thinking
Border Patrol Agent $57,985** 8% (Protective service workers, all other) Physically fit, ability to discern, attention to detail, integrity
Police Officer $50,387** 7% Alert and highly responsive, willingness to help, empathetic, hands-on
Sheriff $61,050* (Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs) 5-9% (Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs) Able to exert authority, alert, physically fit, critical thinker,
Police Detective $59,732** 5% (Detectives and criminal investigators) Able to empathize with victims, dedicated to finding solutions, resilient, superior analytic skills, eye for detail

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **PayScale

Police Careers for former Army Infantry Soldiers

Serving in the Army infantry provides numerous opportunities for growth and the acquisition of skills that are highly sought after in police careers. During their military service, a soldier becomes familiar with weapons, learns the strategies and tactics of their enemy, and acquires surveillance and reconnaissance skills that are valuable in a police career. They also develop discipline and work ethics, allowing them to be devoted to their jobs. Below are descriptions of five police careers that an Army infantry soldier can take up after leaving the military service.

Park Police Officer

Park police officers ensure that the features of America's attractive landmarks are safe and away from intruders, since there are many local and international visitors who go to these areas. As part of their law enforcement duty, park police officers also typically look after monuments and memorials, but are sometimes called upon to assist the secret service in protecting visiting leaders and dignitaries. Park police officers also offer investigative services by gathering intelligence and preparing reports. On other times, these police officers prepare warrants, arrest individuals, and can be called upon to offer testimony in court. Former Army infantry personnel may find this to be a fulfilling career since it involves utilizing their physical fitness and the ability to take note of criminals' tactics.

Border Patrol Agent

Border patrol police are members of the law enforcement profession too. They are stationed along the nation's borders; patrolling the land and the waters' boundaries. They prevent illegal entry into the United States or the activities of persons trafficking people, contraband drugs and narcotics. Border patrol agents also use special skills, gadgets and animals to detect weapons and drugs being smuggled into the country. This career is suitable for former infantry Army personnel because they will be able to use their skill of noting suspicious activity while their physical strength allows them to apprehend wrongdoers.

Police Officer

A police officer is a law enforcement officer tasked with protecting the people and property within his or her jurisdiction. Police officers respond to distress calls, make arrests and may be called upon to testify in court. They also offer first aid to accident victims before paramedics arrive during accidents. Dealing with people who break the law may involve chasing and handling violent persons and others who may be in possession of weapons. However, this job may fit military veterans despite the challenging tasks since a former infantry soldier is skilled in using weapons and physically fit to chase and arrest persons who may try to resist.


While a police officer's jurisdiction is defined by municipal boundaries, a sheriff's jurisdiction is defined by county boundaries. The sheriff enforces the law at the county level, patrolling the area and arrests persons found abusing the law or disturbing the peace in the area. The office of the sheriff also answers distress calls from the people and takes up measures to address the issues. As the local authority, the sheriff may also issue warrants of arrest for criminals and seize goods caught during the arrest, to be presented as evidence in the court. Leadership and teamwork skills gained in the military make a former infantry soldier an excellent candidate for this job.

Police Detective

Police detectives are professionals who analyze information and possible clues to solve crime cases. They make occasional visits to crime scenes to gather evidence and information. Police detectives evaluate physical evidence and may call witnesses, victims and suspects to interview them to get more information. All details of cases are collected, however minute, must be stored carefully, maintaining the integrity of it and of the supporting documents. A detective continuously works with the victim and/or the victim's family until they find indisputable evidence against the suspect/s. A former infantry soldier may be suited for this job because they are trained to take note of details and to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance.

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