Portuguese Bachelor's Degree Programs

A degree in Portuguese can open many doors in different areas including business, sales, travel and translation. This article offers some important information about Portuguese programs as well as several career opportunities for those holding the degree.

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Overview of a Portuguese Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor's degree programs in Portuguese can be found in most regions of the United States. They offer linguistic classes as well as history and literature coursework. Below are important details about some of the program requirements, as well as admissions needs. You can also explore different careers that might make use of this degree after graduation.

Admissions Requirements for a Portuguese Bachelor's Degree

Prospective students applying to a college to pursue a degree in Portuguese need to submit their high school diplomas or their scores on the GED. Schools will also request any pertinent transcripts, essays and letters of recommendation. To pursue a degree in Portuguese, you may also be required to have successfully completed a foreign language program in high school. Incoming freshmen will also need to submit their ACT, SAT or RAI college entrance scores, depending on the admissions requirements and state.

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Portuguese Bachelor's Degree Program Coursework

A bachelor's degree program in Portuguese will include several courses in language, culture and history, along with general education requirements of the university. Other classes might include those in literature, art and contemporary politics. The following are a few of the more common courses:

Portuguese (Accelerated)

Most accelerated Portuguese classes are for those students who are already fluent in Spanish. These courses will emphasize the speaking and reading of the language. Stress will also be placed on immersing students in the culture, comprehension and communication skills through activities and videos.

Portuguese (Intermediate)

Intermediate Portuguese allows students to strengthen their writing and speaking skills through these courses which are often taught entirely in Portuguese. These classes provide training in the basic Portuguese language applications for acquiring, applying, maintaining and increasing their conversational skills.


Portuguese composition skills will help students with their abilities to communicate not only in the written form but orally as well. These courses should raise students skills through discussions, grammar reviews, vocabulary lessons, compositions and essays. Classes will utilize a variety of source material such as current periodicals, short fiction, films and telenovelas.

Literature (Portuguese)

These literature courses will include translation skills and comparisons between translations and the original texts. Samples will come from contemporary and older materials using short stories, poetry, theater, different types of prose and various novel styles.


Culture courses for Portuguese will encompass much of those cultures that dominate South America and whose language is the sixth largest spoken in the world. These courses will help students understand the development of Portuguese speaking civilizations like Portugal and Brazil. Depending on the course, the culture of one or the other will be emphasized through daily life, history, music and art, as well as an exploration of any influences on other cultures.

How to Choose a Degree Program in Portuguese

Since there are quite a few schools across the nation offering this language and cultural degree, you may desire to relocate to one of these Portuguese programs while considering if certain locations could be an asset after graduation. For instance, schools near large cities with deep business centers might be a perfect fit for employment after graduation. One might also want to consider if the school's program offers a focus a student might wish to pursue, such as business, education or sociopolitical.

Career Options with a Portuguese Bachelor's Degree

Many people with a degree in Portuguese will find career work in areas like interpreting, translating, foreign service or teaching. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates interpreters and translators, for example, will grow by 29% from 2014-2024, while the median salary for interpreters and translators in 2016 was $46,120. Below are some other careers that graduates in Portuguese might find fulfilling.

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