Quality Engineering Graduate Certificate Programs

Feb 04, 2020

Find out more about graduate certificate programs in quality engineering. This article will provide program information, as well as give details on common courses and admission requirements.

Graduate-level certificate programs in quality engineering prepare individuals for advanced careers related to quality assurance and improving the design and manufacturing processes of various products and services. Read ahead for a rundown of these programs, including course descriptions and as well as some admission requirements common to these such programs.

Quality Engineering Graduate Certificate Program Information

Students who enroll in quality engineering certificate programs can learn how to apply the principles of engineering to improve product reliability, quality assurance, and design. Graduate certificate programs in this field offer several courses to further instruct and qualify students in the field of quality engineering beyond the undergraduate level, several of which will be described in detail below.


Statistics courses are common in these graduate programs, especially as they relate to the practices of control and variance. These courses may instruct students on the basics and theories of statistics and how they apply to the concepts of correlation analysis, the different models of regression, and covariance analysis. Students might also learn how these processes, such as sampling, can apply to quality assurance practices and methodology.

Quality Analysis/Management

Courses such as these will delve into the core concepts of quality assurance. Students will then see how to apply them to practical situations and contextualize them within the working theories of quality assurance. Core concepts include statistical quality analysis, design reviews, vendor reliability, customer relations, and information systems.

Quality Engineering Fundamentals

This course can give students an overview of the specific field of quality engineering. These courses layout how all of the other inter-related concepts and study areas converge within the professional field of quality engineering. Students can learn about the theory of quality engineering in general as well as its practice in real-world situations and the concepts involved therein. These concepts can include product and tolerance design, manufacturing process design, and off-line quality control.

Tolerance Design/Quality Function Deployment

A design course such as this is common within a quality engineering graduate certificate program and can give students an in-depth and practical look at one of quality engineering's core concepts. Students may learn about the theories and practices that are intended to minimize cost while still meeting the quality requirements of customers. Students might look at specific case studies or example areas of complicated products where these practices are the most difficult to effectively engage in while also potentially being of increased necessity, such as in the production of automobiles, airplanes, and consumer electronics.

Experimental Design

Experimental design classes have students engage in designing experiments to test and practice various principles of statistics and design strategies. Students can learn how to set up detailed experiments to help test their design objectives in order to inform design specifics based on various testing methods. Testing methods can include Latin squares, factorial and fractional factorial experiments, randomized blocks, single-factor experiments, and other industrial or scientific experiments.

Common Admission Requirements for Quality Engineering Graduate Certificate Programs

Prospective students of a quality engineering graduate program will need to have completed a bachelor's degree or higher, Some schools may require this degree to be in a technical field, such as engineering, math, science, or statistics. In addition, some schools may require you to meet GPA requirements, such as having a 2.5 or greater on their undergraduate studies. Prospective students might also need to demonstrate some sort of professional experience in the field or be enrolled in a graduate degree program from the university hosting the certificate program.

Many universities offer quality engineering graduate certificate programs that are designed to prepare students for careers improving the designs or mechanical processes of a variety of products or services. Common course topics in these programs include quality analysis, tolerance design, and experimental design.

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