Rehabilitation Counseling Master's Programs

Jan 02, 2019

Master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling are widely available, both on campus and online. We'll explore the general program, as well as common courses and admission requirements.

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Individuals who are interested in the field of counseling may wish to consider pursuing a master's degree in a more specific field of counseling, like rehabilitation counseling. The degree program would prepare students for careers as professional counselors with advanced knowledge of the nature of addiction and rehabilitation methods.

Master's Degree Programs in Rehabilitation Counseling

Master's programs in rehabilitation counseling are generally offered as Master of Science degree programs and typically take two or three years to complete. These programs are offered both online and in more traditional on-campus settings and some programs can also be completed on a part-time basis. In addition to course work, these programs generally require that students complete an internship or practicum experience in order to complete the degree. Below, we will look at a few courses that are commonly found in these programs.

Rehabilitation Foundations

In this introductory course, students will learn the history of rehabilitation processes as well as the theories that govern this field today. Students will study different types of rehabilitation practices, as well as rehabilitation facilities. The course will focus on both private and public rehabilitation efforts and provide students with a broad understanding of the field.

Career Development, Job Placement, Theories

A course that deals with careers and job placement is often found in these programs, as it is important for students to gain an understanding of how job satisfaction or losing a job can affect an individual's mental health. In this course, students will study different theories and philosophies regarding job placement and analyze the job and labor market.

Group Counseling

Many programs in rehabilitation counseling include a course that deals with group counseling methods. This course focuses on understanding group dynamics and communication and how to use group counseling as an effective tool during rehabilitation. Students will likely participate in in-class group counseling sessions to gain experience.

Ethics and Law in Rehabilitation Counseling

An ethics and/or law course is often commonly found in master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling. This course will focus on various federal and state laws and how they interact and affect the rehabilitation process. Students will also study the ethical perspective of rehabilitation counseling, including instances in which counselors are called upon as expert witnesses.

Medical Aspects of Disability

In this course, students will learn how various disabilities and traumas affect the human body from a physiological and psychological standpoint. This includes learning about how the human body works from a medical perspective, studying how the body responds to trauma, and learning how to speak about disability and trauma in a medical way. Students will also learn about the role that a rehabilitation counselor can play on a medical team, along with doctors and nurses and other medical professionals.

Admission Requirements for Master's Degree Programs in Rehabilitation Counseling

Admission requirements may vary by program and university, but there are some commonly requested items that students should be prepared to submit when they are applying. In general, students will need to possess a bachelor's degree in a field related to counseling. You will also need to submit an application form, all transcripts from your undergraduate work, and an application fee. It is also very common for programs to ask for a statement of purpose along with letters of recommendation. GRE scores are another common requirement, though not all schools require them.

Master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling prepare students for careers in the field by exposing them to the history of rehabilitation counseling, as well as current practices and procedures in the discipline.

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