School Social Work Graduate Degrees in Wisconsin

May 15, 2019

This article highlights three programs in Wisconsin that offer graduate degrees in school social work. Topics that will be discussed include program details and requirements, as well as how to gain admission to these programs.

In the state of Wisconsin, students can choose from a few different graduate degree programs which prepare students for official state licensure as school social workers. Below, three of these programs will be covered in greater detail by specifically focusing on degree requirements, curriculum, and structure, as well as an overview of admission standards.

Overview of Graduate Degrees in School Social Work in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a Master of Social Work program that may be of interest to prospective students. In this program, students will spend their first year taking courses in foundational social work concepts so that they are prepared to pursue a more advanced specialization in the second year. Students who are interested in school social work can select the child, youth and family welfare specialization which is designed for students who would like to focus their career in this area. It is possible to complete this program in two years, though students who already have a Bachelor of Social Work can complete the program in only one year if they qualify for advanced standing upon acceptance into the program.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

The Master of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is another option for students. In this program, students can concentrate on an area of social work that interests them by selecting an emphasis area. One option is school social work, which requires that students take courses in social work practices in schools as well as a course covering standards of practice in Wisconsin. In total, students are required to complete 59 credit hours over the two-year program. In the first year, students all take the same generalist curriculum before moving on to their selected area of emphasis.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Students may also be interested in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee which prepares students to work as school social workers in the state through an official state certification. In this program, students can pursue a concentration in child and family welfare and a specialty in school social work. The program is open to students who don't hold bachelor's degrees in social work, though these students will be required to complete some additional foundational coursework in order to prepare them for the actual master's degree advanced curriculum which is comprised of 34 credit hours. The program can be completed on a full or part-time basis, with full-time students generally completing it within two years and part-time students completing it in between three and four years.

Admissions Standards for Graduate Degrees in School Social Work in Wisconsin

To gain admission to a graduate program in school social work, all applicants will have needed to complete a bachelor's degree by the time the graduate program begins. Depending on the program, it may not be necessary that this bachelor's degree be in the social work field, though students who do hold such a degree may be able to earn their graduate degree on a quicker timeline. When applying for these programs, students will need to submit a completed application form, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, a professional resume, and all past academic transcripts. Generally, the GRE is not required in order to be considered for admission.

To review the information above, there are a number of different options for students seeking graduate degrees in school social work in Wisconsin, as several schools offer Master of Social Work degrees with concentrations in related specialties. Most programs may be completed on a full- or part-time basis and take into account whether the student's undergraduate degree is in social work.

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