Search and Rescue Jobs in the Military

Jul 20, 2018

Rescuing and recovering our troop members is an important role in search and rescue missions. This article lists search and rescue jobs in the military. It also explains the job responsibilities for each.

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Search and rescue missions save lives and reconnect families with fallen military service members. This article lists careers that contribute to making the military's personnel recovery efforts efficient and effective. We will explore the role of each career plays in these efforts and the job responsibilities for each.

Career Comparison

Job Title Annual Base Pay (2018)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills
Combat Rescue Officer $37,292.40 (O-1) 15% Readiness to Face Danger, Survival Skills
Emergency Management Specialist $18,176,40 (E-1) N/A Sense of Urgency, Disaster Training Skills
Personnel Retrieval & Processing Specialist $18,176.40 (E-1) N/A Ability to Work with the Dead, Handles Grief
Search and Rescue Medical Technician $18,176.40 (E-1) N/A Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Skills, Handles Emergencies Well
Survival Equipment Specialist $48,468 (includes base pay plus allowances)** (E-1) N/A Equipment Familiarity, Dexterity

Source(s): *Defense Finance & Accounting Service, **

Search and Rescue Jobs in the Military

Search and rescue missions play an important role in recovering lost, wounded, and deceased troop members from combat and non-combat locations. The careers listed below contribute to search and rescue efforts, ranging from emergency response to survival equipment safety. We will explain the contribution each career brings to search and rescue missions and their job responsibilities.

Combat Rescue Officer

The combat rescue officer is a commissioned officer in the Air Force who is responsible for directing the rescuing and removal of fallen troop members from combat areas and the strategizing of those operations.

The combat rescue officer manages every aspect of personnel recovery. They guide survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) maneuvers. They may deploy as a rescue crewmember into the combat field. They also train rescue Air Force troops on survival skills.

Emergency Management Specialist

As an enlisted service member in the Army, the emergency management specialist is primarily focused on managing emergency response and recovery operations.

To minimize casualties and damage, the emergency management specialist creates emergency evacuation, warning, and control plans for the Army. They are skilled in performing and directing recovery and emergency response operations needed throughout the world. They also organize, coordinate, and train emergency response crew members.

Personnel Retrieval and Processing Specialist

The personnel retrieval and processing specialist is an enlisted position in the Marine Corps. They search and recover dead troop member's bodies from combat and non-combat locations.

The personnel retrieval and processing specialist transport, bury and possibly dig up deceased troop members. They aid in the establishment of Marine Corps interment and collection sites. They tentatively identify troop member's bodies and their personal effects.

Search and Rescue Medical Technician

The enlisted search and rescue medical technician attend search and rescue missions to provide wounded Navy troops with emergency medical care.

The enlisted search and rescue medical technician may also function as an aircrew in search and rescue operations. They are well versed in the operation of emergency medical equipment. They also use aero-medical evacuation procedures.

Survival Equipment Specialist

The Army enlisted survival equipment specialist is responsible for ensuring that survival equipment used by troops on emergency missions is operating properly.

The survival equipment specialist inspects, fixes and maintains a variety of equipment used in search and rescue on land, in the air and at sea. These items include medical kits, parachutes, night vision instruments, life support tools and more. These specialists work on land and ships in repair shops.

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