Should I Be a Preschool Teacher? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Jan 02, 2019

Do you have a passion for early childhood education? If so, you may want to consider a career as a preschool teacher. Check out the questions below and find out if you are well-suited for the job!

Would I Be a Good Preschool Teacher?

Preschool is an essential time for students to begin socialization and learn the building blocks of early education. Preschool teachers have challenging but rewarding jobs as the guides for this beginning educational process. So, how do you know if becoming a preschool teacher is right for you? Take the self-assessment quiz below to find out whether your personality makes you a good match for this career path!

Which of the following qualities describe you?

Are you energetic? Yes or No
Are you creative? Yes or No
Do you enjoy working with kids? Yes or No
Are you patient? Yes or No
Are you honest and direct? Yes or No
Are you communicative? Yes or No
Are you organized? Yes or No
Do you have a sense of humor? Yes or No
Are you personable? Yes or No
Do you value diversity? Yes or No

Why Are These Qualities Important For Preschool Teachers?

Are you energetic?

Preschool students are often full of energy, so it's important to be enthusiastic and ready to engage with their excitement.

Are you creative?

Young kids are highly imaginative, and a good educator will help their imaginations to flourish by getting creative and inventive with students.

Do you enjoy working with kids?

A passion for working with kids is essential to working in a preschool classroom. The work can be tiring, and teachers must love it and care deeply to keep the environment positive and encouraging.

Are you patient?

Young kids don't learn things right away, cooperate immediately, or always understand exactly what's being asked of them. A good preschool educator understands this and approaches every situation with calm and patience.

Are you honest and direct?

When there's a problem in the classroom, it's important to be open in communication with the students and their parents to address the problem.

Are you communicative?

Preschool teachers need to be highly adept at communicating clearly both with students and their parents about the goings on in the classroom.

Are you organized?

Staying organized and on top of classroom routines will help provide students with structure, and also improve classroom management, which is essential for preschool teachers.

Do you have a sense of humor?

Being able to laugh and have fun is a very important part of the job of a preschool teacher, particularly if students are being difficult or finicky.

Are you personable?

Both students and parents respond well to preschool teachers who come across as warm, inviting and fun.

Do you value diversity?

There isn't a single classroom that is without diversity. It's important for preschool teachers to understand how to teach a diverse class, as well as how to teach students about diversity early in life.

Starting Your Preschool Teaching Career

Did you answer yes to most of the questions above? If so, you could have a great future teaching preschool. The training requirements and certifications required to begin a career as a preschool teacher vary by state, but a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education is a great place to begin.

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