Should I Become a Nurse Anesthetist? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Jan 02, 2019

If you are exploring various nursing careers and think you might want to become a nurse anesthetist, we have you covered. Answer the questions below to gauge your suitability for this occupation, and read on to learn more about what your job would entail.

Self-Assessment Quiz for Aspiring Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse anesthetists are registered nurses with highly specialized training and advanced technical skills. This is a challenging career that, in return, offers one of the highest salaries among all nursing specializations. Take this quiz to determine if you should choose this as your career:

Are you prepared for significant postsecondary study? Yes or No
Do you handle emergencies well? Yes or No
Are you detail oriented? Yes or No
Do you work well independently? Yes or No
Do you have strong communication skills? Yes or No
Do you enjoy solving problems? Yes or No
Are you observant? Yes or No
Are you adaptable? Yes or No
Do you have manual dexterity? Yes or No
Are you compassionate? Yes or No

Analyze Your Answers

Are you prepared for significant postsecondary study?

It typically takes at least seven years to earn the bachelor's degree, master's degree and registered nursing license required of nurse anesthetists.

Do you handle emergencies well?

Because a patient can have life-threatening reactions to anesthesia, nurse anesthetists need to react quickly, exercise good judgment under pressure, and respond appropriately.

Are you detail oriented?

Nurse anesthetists must be meticulous in monitoring patients and administering the correct dosages of powerful drugs.

Do you work well independently?

Nurse anesthetists often work one-on-one with patients and must be confident and comfortable working independently.

Do you have strong communication skills?

To be a successful nurse anesthetist, you will need excellent listening skills to compile patients' medical histories, and clear communication skills to educate patients and collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals in settings such as operating rooms and maternity wards.

Do you enjoy solving problems?

Nurse anesthetists must be critical thinkers who are able to analyze information such as patient histories and the properties of pharmaceuticals to solve problems and make accurate decisions.

Are you observant?

Observation is as important a skill as listening in this profession. Nurse anesthetists must accurately observe both physical symptoms and non-verbal communication cues when monitoring patients undergoing anesthesia.

Are you adaptable?

When a patient is under anesthesia, an operating room or medical office environment can change rapidly from ordinary to emergency. If you pursue a career as a nurse anesthetist, you should be comfortable with change and adapt quickly.

Do you have manual dexterity?

Because nurse anesthetists use a variety of needles, pumps, tubes and monitors on a regular basis, they need to be coordinated and work well with their hands.

Are you compassionate?

Like all nursing professionals, a nurse anesthetist's primary objective is to take care of patients. To enjoy this work, you should be naturally compassionate and enjoy helping other people.

Other Things To Consider

If you replied positively to a majority of these questions, congratulations! You are a strong candidate for a career as a nurse anesthetist. While the educational requirements exceed those of a registered nurse, you may expect the reward of both a high annual salary (the average was $160,250 in May 2015) and a faster-than-average increase in job opportunities during the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. After obtaining an R.N. license and earning your master's degree, you will need to earn certification in this field. Recertification, which you may obtain by taking an exam and continuing education courses, will be required every four years throughout your career.

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