Should I Become a Surgical Tech? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Jan 02, 2019

Do you have an interest in medicine and an eye for detail? If so, surgical technology could be the perfect field for you. Take this self-assessment quiz to determine if you should pursue this career.

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Surgical Tech Career Aptitude Test

Surgical techs play a critical role in making sure that surgeries go smoothly. They compile and prepare the surgical equipment required for each procedure, following surgeon's orders, along with sterilization and safety protocol. This is an exciting and quickly growing profession for those who have a certain set of skills, abilities, and interests. See how yours compare:

Are you detail oriented? Yes or No
Do you enjoy being a member of a team? Yes or No
Do you have dexterity? Yes or No
Do you have stamina? Yes or No
Do you tolerate stress well? Yes or No
Does the human body fascinate you? Yes or No
Are you able to handle criticism? Yes or No
Are you quick on your feet? Yes or No
Are you dedicated to learning? Yes or No
Are you comfortable with unusual work hours? Yes or No

Analyze Your Answers

Are you detail oriented?

Surgeons rely on surgical techs to ensure that surgical procedures run smoothly. This requires careful attention to detail when preparing so that the proper equipment is on hand and sterilization protocol is enforced.

Do you enjoy being a member of a team?

Surgical techs work closely with not only surgeons, but also surgical nurses and other medical professionals. Excellent communication and teamwork among all involved in a surgery is critical to its success.

Do you have dexterity?

Surgical techs need exceptional manual dexterity and steady hands to handle equipment and assist with delicate surgical processes when required.

Do you have stamina?

Surgeries may be lengthy, so surgical techs need the stamina to work on their feet and remain alert for long periods of time.

Do you tolerate stress well?

An operating room can be a high-pressure environment. To succeed as a surgical tech, you will need a high tolerance for stress and the ability to remain calm when an emergency arises.

Does the human body fascinate you?

If you get woozy at the sight of blood, this is not the career for you. As a surgical tech, you must be comfortable with seeing blood and internal organs on a daily basis.

Are you able to handle criticism?

Because surgical procedures are precise and errors may cost patients their lives, the work of a surgical tech is highly scrutinized by surgeons and nurses. You must be comfortable handling criticism and learn from your mistakes.

Are you quick on your feet?

While each surgery is a highly planned procedure, unexpected emergencies can, and will, arise. When they do, you will need to adjust quickly, be prepared, and have the necessary equipment on-hand.

Are you dedicated to learning?

Because surgical techniques and the equipment used for surgery continues to improve and evolve, you will need to continuing learning throughout your career.

Are you comfortable with unusual work hours?

While most scheduled surgeries take place during traditional working hours, surgical techs are also needed for emergency surgeries that take place whenever the need arises. In this profession, you may expect to work long hours, and to be on call during holidays and on weekends.

Figure Out Your Next Steps

Did you answer 'yes' to most of these questions? If so, then you are prepared to explore the next steps for this career path. You will first need to earn a certificate or associate's degree in surgical technology. These programs include both hands-on experience and academic training in subjects such as biology, medical terminology and anatomy. Depending on the school, this should take no more than two years to complete. After completing your education, optional certification is available, and may provide you with more career opportunities. With experience, you may go on to specialize in a specific surgical area, work in surgical research and product development, or become a surgical assistant.

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