Should I Become an Elementary School Teacher? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Jan 02, 2019

Wondering whether a career as an elementary school teacher is right for you? Check out the questions below, and see if you've got the qualities that can make a great early education teacher!

Am I Cut Out To Be An Elementary School Teacher?

Teaching is a challenging but immensely rewarding career. Elementary school teachers are at the frontlines of education, introducing young students to fundamental academic concepts and classroom behavior. How do you know if you're suited to be an elementary school teacher? Take the self-assessment quiz below and find out if you've got the traits to command the classroom.

How many of the following attributes do you possess?

Are you creative? Yes or No
Are you patient? Yes or No
Are you organized? Yes or No
Do you enjoy working with kids? Yes or No
Are you a good communicator? Yes or No
Are you determined? Yes or No
Can you readily adapt to change? Yes or No
Are you an optimist? Yes or No
Are you comfortable disciplining children? Yes or No
Do you set high expectations for yourself and others? Yes or No
Are you enthusiastic? Yes or No

How Do These Qualities Relate to Being An Elementary School Teacher?

Are you creative?

Students, particularly elementary-aged students, have active imaginations and need teachers with creative ideas and lesson plans that engage their young minds.

Are you patient?

Running a classroom full of young students requires immense patience, from getting students to pay attention, to working with a variety of different types of learners and behaviors.

Are you organized?

All teachers need to be able to stay organized in order to keep track of lesson plans and assignments, as well as following up with students and parents when necessary.

Do you enjoy working with kids?

This is one of the most important qualities in an elementary school teacher. A love for working with kids, and a passion for teaching are essential to this job.

Are you a good communicator?

Being able to communicate lessons and concepts clearly and simply to students is crucial to being an elementary school teacher.

Are you determined?

Some students pick up concepts right away, while others may struggle. A teacher needs to be persistent and willing to try a variety of strategies and techniques to help ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Can you readily adapt to change?

Life in an elementary school classroom is always changing, and no day will go exactly according to plan, so it is important to remain flexible.

Are you an optimist?

Having a positive, can-do attitude will get you far as an elementary school teacher. Teachers need to remain hopeful and engaged with students, even when things aren't going according to plan.

Are you comfortable disciplining others?

Good teachers should be able to use disciplinary techniques effectively so that students are encouraged to do their best in the classroom.

Do you set high expectations for yourself and others?

Having high expectations for the work you do, as well as the work your students produce, will motivate students to aim higher and believe in themselves.

Are you enthusiastic?

Young students are full of energy, so it's beneficial to meet them with passion and excitement about each day's lessons and activities.

Starting Your Career In Elementary Education

Did you answer yes to the majority of the questions above? If so, you may become a great teacher! To get started on this path, aspiring elementary school teachers will need to get a bachelor's degree in education or a relevant field, as well as the teaching certifications required by their state.

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