Should I Join the Military? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Are you debating whether or not to pursue a military career? Take our self-assessment quiz below to gauge how well your personality and values measure against those of successful military personnel.

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Am I Military Material?

A military career can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. It also offers a myriad of opportunities in fields such as administration, combat specialty, engineering, healthcare and construction. While each field requires a different occupational skill set, there are certain traits that help personnel succeed in any position within the military. See how many of them you possess:

Are you confident? Yes or No
Do you have strong communication skills? Yes or No
Do you work well as part of a team? Yes or No
Are you dependable? Yes or No
Are you comfortable making decisions? Yes or No
Are you adaptable? Yes or No
Do you have a strong work ethic? Yes or No
Are you in good physical condition? Yes or No
Do you handle stress well? Yes or No
Are you courageous? Yes or No

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How Do These Things Relate to the Military?

Are you confident?

Members of the military are expected to possess and project self-confidence whether they are facing combat or representing the military in civilian environments.

Do you have strong communication skills?

In the military, you must be able to listen well and understand instructions quickly, and be direct in your communication with others.

Do you work well as part of a team?

The ability to work as part of a team is one of the most important traits for those in the military. In any military job, you work within a group on behalf of the country, and must be dedicated and loyal to both.

Are you dependable?

Because everything one does in the military is part of a team effort, your colleagues must be able to depend on you to successfully complete the work at hand.

Are you comfortable making decisions?

Members of the military must exercise sound judgement and make decisions, sometimes under duress, that impact not only themselves but those under their charge. You will need the leadership skills to do so confidently.

Are you adaptable?

Military personnel must be able to adapt to different environments when they are assigned to positions in different states or countries. You may be required to relocate multiple times throughout your career.

Do you have a strong work ethic?

The military is not a 9 to 5 job. You may work nights, weekends, and holidays, and be away from home for long periods of time.

Are you in good physical condition?

To enlist in the military, one must take a physical exam. Exams vary based on the branch of the military and career field but, for any position, you will need to be physically fit, meet height and weight requirements, and pass hearing and vision tests.

Do you handle stress well?

Many jobs within the military require the ability to tolerate high stress levels. This is especially important in combat-related roles where the safety of many individuals rests upon your remaining calm when stressful situations arise.

Are you courageous?

Members of the military must be prepared, if required, to sacrifice their own safety for the sake of others.

Ready, Soldier?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, you're ready to explore military career options. You may want to first consider what type of position you would like to hold and research which military branch offers the greatest opportunities in that area. Job prospects are expected to remain strong for all military jobs through 2024.

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