Should I Major in Accounting? - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test

Self-Assessment Quiz for Aspiring Accounting Majors

Successful accounting majors are critical thinkers who are as comfortable crunching numbers as they are engaging others in conversation. Answer these questions to see if you have the skills and personal traits you'll need to do well in this field.

Do you enjoy problem solving? Yes or No
Are you analytical? Yes or No
Do you express yourself well? Yes or No
Are you a team player? Yes or No
Are you self-disciplined? Yes or No
Do you like working with numbers? Yes or No
Are ethics important to you? Yes or No
Do you have an affinity for business subjects? Yes or No
Are you interested in post-graduate education? Yes or No
Are you detail-oriented? Yes or No

Explore Why These Questions Are Important

Do you enjoy problem solving?

Accounting is, fundamentally, a problem solving field. Accounting majors, like professional accountants, consider financial issues and related tax regulations to develop appropriate resolutions.

Are you analytical?

Accounting classes require students to have exceptional analytical skills to interpret complex financial, business, and accounting documents.

Do you express yourself well?

Accounting majors must be able to not only understand and apply complicated financial and accounting principles, but also be able to explain their reasoning. This skill is critical in the professional world, where accountants have to explain their work to clients. Accounting degree programs, therefore, usually include communications courses.

Are you a team player?

In accounting, one often must work collaboratively with peers and clients. In your coursework and internships, you will need to illustrate your ability to work well in a team environment.

Are you self-disciplined?

Accounting majors need outstanding time-management skills and the self-discipline to keep up with their courses, digest complex information, complete assignments, and engage in internships or other hands-on work experiences.

Do you like working with numbers?

Accounting is a quantitative subject so, to major in this field, you should be comfortable working with numbers. While advanced math classes are not necessary, statistics courses are required.

Are ethics important to you?

Accountants have access to confidential financial information and assets, so integrity is a key trait for those in accounting careers. Accounting majors, therefore, are typically encouraged to take courses that explore laws and ethics.

Do you have an affinity for business subjects?

Because accounting professionals must have a firm grasp of the dynamics of business, accounting degree programs may include several business courses such as management, marketing and business strategy.

Are you interested in post-graduate education?

While you may earn a bachelor's degree in accounting, you will need to complete at least 30 additional credit hours on top of the typical 120 credit hours for bachelor's degrees to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Getting a master's degree is not necessary, but it is one way to achieve the needed hours.

Are you detail-oriented?

When it comes to financial and tax documents, there is little room for error. As an accounting major, you will need to pay careful attention to detail in completing coursework such as preparing reports and forms.

Assess Your Results

Did you answer 'yes' to more than 50% of these questions? If so, then accounting may be a good major for you. Accounting degree programs are widely available both on campus and online from many colleges and universities. Some degree programs provide the option to concentrate in an area such as internal auditing, tax accounting or government accounting.

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