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Oct 14, 2018

There are a number of online high school programs available to students in South Carolina. This article will cover five of these programs in greater detail by focusing on what sets each program apart and high school graduation requirements in South Carolina.

South Carolina students who are considering enrolling in an online high school program may be interested to learn about what types of programs are available to them in their state. We will look at several of the online high school options in South Carolina and will highlight unique characteristics about each program, as well as high school graduation regulations in South Carolina.

Online High Schools in South Carolina

The following table lists five online high school programs that operate in South Carolina. Unique attributes and characteristics of each program are mentioned, which will be further explored in the paragraphs below.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Regular instructor office hours, transferrable credit options, video lessons and interactive content
Stanford Online High School Private College and guidance counseling, AP and other advanced coursework, scheduled in-person meet-ups, virtual student clubs
South Carolina Connections Academy Public Dual-enrollment options, honors and Advanced Placement courses, college planning club, extracurricular activities
SC Whitmore School Public Extended school year options, honors courses, virtual clubs
Odyssey Online Learning Public Individualized learning plans and adaptable courses, student clubs, community events and field trips

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Description of Online High Schools in South Carolina

When students and parents are thinking about the option of online high school, there are a number of factors they may want to take into consideration before deciding whether this option is the right choice for them. In general, online high schools provide students with a greater amount of flexibility, as they often do not require students to sign in to classes every day and sometimes allow students to work at their own pace with few deadlines. This feature may be ideal for students with busy extracurricular schedules and for those who are very independent, though it may be challenging for students who require a high level of oversight from instructors. Some parents may find that they need to be involved to make sure their child completes their schoolwork in an efficient manner. Now let's look at the five schools mentioned above in greater detail.

View High School

One online high school option for students in South Carolina is View High School, which is a private online school that is available to students from all over the country. Students who enroll at View will access their courses through an online learning platform that uses videos and interactive content to provide instruction to students. Additionally, students are able to contact their professors during regularly scheduled office hours. For students who are bound for college or university, they may have the option of transferring some of the credit they earned while enrolled at View in order to earn dual credit.

Stanford Online High School

Another online school for students around the country, including South Carolina, is Stanford Online High School, affiliated with Stanford University. It is a private preparatory high school program that offers its students a large number of courses to choose from, including both Advanced Placement courses as well as courses that the school describes as being taught at a level beyond that of AP across all subject areas. In addition to its academic offerings the school also organizes regular in-person meet-ups, and students have the option of participating in a number of student-led virtual clubs, like robotics club or running club. If students are ever having any difficulties, either in their school or personal life, they can also utilize Stanford's counseling and academic support staff.

South Carolina Connections Academy

South Carolina Connections Academy is an online public high school program available to students in South Carolina. This program offers students a large number of courses to choose from, including honors and Advanced Placement courses. It is also possible for students enrolled in this program to receive simultaneous high school and college credit for some courses, potentially saving them time and money once in college. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the College Planning Club, which is designed to help provide students with information and guidance as they navigate the college applications process, as well as a number of other student clubs and extracurricular activities.

SC Whitmore School

SC Whitmore School is another online public school option for students who live in South Carolina. This program offers on-level and honors courses for all the core curriculum subjects. It also offers a variety of elective courses like music appreciation, speech, and time management. Students who enroll at SC Whitmore have flexible scheduling options, including the ability to extend their school year into the summer if they need to do so. In addition to academic opportunities, students can also participate in clubs and extracurricular activities like coding cub, photography club, and yearbook club.

Odyssey Online Learning

Odyssey Online Learning is a public-school program for students in South Carolina. It offers a high degree of customization to students, as the content of the courses can be rearranged to suit the needs of each student, and instructors and advisors work with students to create a learning plan that works best for them. Students also can participate in student clubs and attend various community events and school-organized field trips to interact with other students.

Regulations for Online High Schools in South Carolina

Students who want to receive a South Carolina high school diploma will need to make sure that they fulfill the requirements for graduation as set by the South Carolina Department of Education, even if they attend an online public school. These requirements include completing four credits of English or language arts, four credits of mathematics, three credits of science, one credit of U.S. history, half a credit of U.S. government, half a credit of economics, and one credit of another social studies course. In addition, students will need to complete one credit of physical education, one credit of computer science, one credit of either foreign language or career and technical education, and seven additional elective credits.

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