Sports Agent Opportunities for Advancement

Aug 14, 2018

Sports agents work with professional athletes for contracting and marketing purposes. Some agents m wish to growth their career as a scout, media manager, lawyer, or marketing manager.

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Career Growth Opportunities for Sports Agents

Sports agents represent professional athletes in contract negotiations with teams or advertising brands. They also ensure that the athletes they represent are perceived in a positive light by the public. After working as a sports agent, some professionals may wish to grow their career. They might use their promotional experience to become a media manager or marketing manager, further develop their contracting skills as a lawyer, or use their intimate knowledge of sports to work as a college scout for a particular sport. Some further information on these careers is presented below.

Job Title Median Salary Job Growth (2016-2026)* Education or Experience
College Scout $44,340 13% Bachelor's degree and extensive knowledge of a sport
Media Manager $61,086 (2018)** 9% (public relations specialists) bachelor's degree
Lawyer $119,250 (2017)* 8% Doctoral degree
Marketing Manager $132,230 (2017)* 10% Bachelor's degree and experience

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), **

Career Information

College Scout

Sports agents have a strong background in and knowledge of a range of sports and athlete evaluation techniques. Some may wish to pursue this avenue into a career as a college scout. Scouts review game films, analyze statistics and read newspaper articles to find information regarding athletes, and then they attend games to review their plays. They talk with the athlete and his or her coach, and they discuss the information they obtained with the head coach of the team they represent. College scouts have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and extensive experience in analyzing a sport.

Media Manager

Sports agents must be comfortable using a range of media to promote their clients. This experience could be translated into a position as a media manager. These professionals develop media outreach strategies for their organizations, and execute these strategies on a daily basis. They must be comfortable in dealing with a wide range of media, including print, television, and social media platforms. Although a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, media managers typically have a master's degree in business administration and experience in media relations.


One of the crucial tasks of the successful sports agent is negotiating and drafting contracts for the athletes who are represented. This skill could be utilized when advancing one's career to become a lawyer. Lawyers prepare and file a wide range of legal documents for their clients. They conduct specialized research to advise their clients regarding appropriate ways to fulfill their legal obligations, and represent their client's viewpoint in court and regulatory proceedings. In order to become an attorney, a candidate must complete a Juris Doctorate degree, which typically will take three years, and pass the bar of the state in which they wish to practice.

Marketing Manager

Sports agents are responsible for promoting the positive qualities of the athletes they represent. Sports agents who enjoy this component of their work may consider becoming a marketing manager. These professionals identify markets and research ways to grow demand for the products offered by their companies. They work with colleagues in the advertising department to develop and plan promotional campaigns, and ensure that all marketing products are developed within a budget. A marketing manager typically holds a minimum of a bachelor's degree and has experience in the marketing industry.

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