Summer Jobs for Introverts

Jan 18, 2020

Many introverts would love to earn some money during the summer but still feel relaxed. This list of jobs is ideal for introverts looking to work in the summer.

Summer Jobs for Introverts

Having a job that requires a lot of interaction with people can quickly drain an introvert. This is a list of non-desk jobs with a low-profile that make introverts comfortable.

Job Title Hourly Rate (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Car Washer $11.79 (for all cleaners of vehicles and equipment) 6% (for all cleaners of vehicles and equipment)
Lawn Service Provider $14.13 (for all grounds maintenance workers) 9% (for all grounds maintenance workers)
Line Cook $12.12 (for all cooks) 11% (for all cooks)
Delivery Driver $14.66 (for all delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers) 2% (for all delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers)
Dog Walker $11.51 (for all animal care/service workers) 16% (for all animal care/service workers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Summer Job Information for Introverts

Car Washer

Many car owners get their cars washed in the summer on a hot, sunny day. Car washers may be responsible for washing, drying, and polishing vehicles as well as collecting payment from customers. There is no formal education required to wash cars, and the necessary skills can be learned on the job.

Lawn Service Provider

Many institutions and homes require lawn care when the snow is off the ground. Lawn service providers usually work on a project such as cutting grass by themselves. There is no formal education required.

Line Cook

Being a line cook does involve some interaction with the rest of the staff. However, there is little to no interaction with customers. Many line cooks learn their skills on the job, but those that work at higher-end restaurants may complete formal culinary education.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers interact with customers and clients when delivering. However, most of the time is spent driving in solitude. A high school diploma and on-the-job training is generally required to become a delivery driver.

Dog Walker

For those that prefer interacting with canines to humans, dog walking is a great job. After all, dogs can't talk back! The ability to interact well with dogs and follow safety rules is essential. There are no set training requirements for becoming a dog walker, but there are pet sitting certification options that may help lend credibility to your small business.

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