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Jul 01, 2020

Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Business Information

As environmental and social consciousness continues to rise in popularity, a growing number of colleges throughout the country have been developing sustainable business bachelor's degree programs. Although specific coursework varies between institutions, common classes for this degree consist of sustainable financial management, environmental challenges, and business marketing. Many programs offer internship opportunities that provide students with real-world experience so that they can successfully join the workforce after degree completion. Below, we have listed relevant information regarding regular admissions processes, course offerings, and potential career options.

Admission Requirements for Sustainable Business Programs

While specific admissions requirements vary depending on the institution you are applying to, there are usually some common characteristics among programs. Most schools require you to submit documentation of a high school diploma or completed GED certificate. Standardized test scores, like the ACT/SAT, are commonly required. GPA is usually an important factor as well. Academic performance is obviously important, but the majority of schools are also interested in your extracurricular activities and career goals.

Sustainable Business Coursework

Sustainable business programs usually offer a unique blend of coursework, but there are some common themes that you can expect to run into if you decide to pursue this area of study.

Introduction to Sustainability

If the thought of diving into a sustainable business degree seems a little scary to you, this course is designed to squash those fears. This curriculum is designed to introduce theories of sustainability thoroughly. You'll become familiar with how businesses can serve their communities through societal, economic, and environmental initiatives.

Principles of Sustainability and Society

Sustainability has a significant impact on society. This class helps you understand the human-environmental interaction. Students learn about potential risk factors and are introduced to past sustainable global achievements. During this course, you're exposed to a vast array of different ways societies can have a positive or negative impact on ecological systems.

Sustainable Systems

This area of study prepares you for the different ways you may apply your sustainability knowledge in your role as a business professional. Various social and scientific systems and issues are thoroughly covered. Typical subtopics you'll probably get introduced to include climate change, carbon emissions, and global and national pollution issues. This course allows you to identify potential areas of growth and change.

Environmental Policy

It's important to understand the different policies that may affect you as a sustainable business professional. This class equips you with valuable knowledge regarding water, infrastructure, and climate initiatives. This course gives you background information concerning the history of environmental policy and exposes you to the theories behind current laws and mandates.

Sustainable Business Capstone

Most programs require that junior or senior-level students complete hands-on experiential learning. Many of these capstone courses are offered in the form of an internship or as a traditional class where students study specific casework. This course gives students the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have acquired. Sometimes, a final project illustrating sustainable business awareness and understanding is due at the culmination of this class.

How to Choose a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Business Program

When choosing which sustainable business program is the right fit for you, there are some critical factors to consider. Obtaining real-world experience is essential; it's a good idea to look for programs that help place you with internship opportunities. Since almost every school offers slightly different coursework, it's smart to choose an institution that closely aligns with your interests. Furthermore, some schools even provide master's degree programs in sustainable business, so this may be something you want to consider if the thought of pursuing a graduate degree sometime in the future appeals to you.

Career Options with a Sustainable Business Degree

If you choose to study for a degree in sustainable business, you're setting yourself up for a variety of professional options. Many graduates of these programs have gone on to become administrative services managers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), not only is this career field expected to grow by 7% over the next several years, but also the median national salary in 2019 was $96,940. Other potential career paths to consider include:

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