Teaching Careers that Pay Well

This article looks at some of the teaching careers that offer salaries higher than the median and compares the income levels for teaching jobs that pay a median annual salary of $53,000 or more.

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Career Options for Teaching Jobs that Pay Well

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the national median income for all occupations in 2016 was $37,040 per year; occupations that pay well could be thought of as careers that pay a notably higher salary than that figure. Teaching jobs involve providing instruction to toddlers, children, teenagers or adults through formal class instruction or through tutoring. Occupations in education can also involve determining what information should be taught to students in different courses.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Instructional Coordinators $62,460 10%
Career and Technical Education Teachers $54,020 4%
Special Education Teachers $57,910 8%
High School Teachers $58,030 8%
Health Educators $53,070 14%
Postsecondary Law Teachers $111,210 12%
Postsecondary Teachers $75,430 15%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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  • Physical Education and Coaching
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  • Science Teacher Education
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Career Information for Teaching Jobs that Pay Well

Instructional Coordinators

According to the BLS, as of 2016 instructional coordinators earned a median salary of $62,460 per year, which is considerably higher than the national median income level for all occupations. Instructional coordinators work in education and help determine what information should be taught in classes and what materials should be used. They also provide instruction to teachers for new programs or information that's being added to the curriculum. A master's degree in education and prior practical experience in education is typically required to work in this field.

Career and Technical Education Teachers

Career and technical education teachers must have a bachelor's degree in a subject related to what they teach. They prepare students to work in a range of fields, including automotive repair and veterinary science. According to the BLS, as of 2016 these professionals earned a median annual income of $54,020, which is much higher than the national median income for all occupations. Career and technical education teachers prepare instructional materials, teach classes and may demonstrate the practical skills they expect their students to learn.

Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers prepare lessons for students who have diagnosed disabilities. They help set academic goals for their students based on their diagnosis and their age and then work with students to help them achieve their educational goals. They need a bachelor's degree and teaching license. Special education teachers enjoy median annual salaries of $57,910, which makes this one of the more lucrative teaching options for educators working with elementary, middle or high school students.

High School Teachers

The median annual salary for high school teachers is $58,030, which makes this the most profitable teaching role for educators who work with children or teenagers. High school teachers instruct students in a specific subject or subject area and are usually required to have a bachelor's degree in related subjects; they must also have a teaching license. They cover the established curriculum materials in the lessons they teach and assign students work that they grade. Their goal is to ensure that their students learn the required material or master the skills taught in their class.

Health Educators

Health educators create programs and documents that can be used to teach people about potential health risks or how to improve their health. They may also be involved in training community health workers, so although they're classified as community service professionals, the focus of a health educator's job is teaching others. With a median annual income of $53,070 they earn a good salary. A bachelor's degree in health education is required to work in this field, and some employers may expect health educators to be certified.

Postsecondary Law Teachers

Postsecondary law teachers teach classes to adults who are working towards a law degree. They prepare lessons, teach classes and mark student assignments. They are required to have a law degree to teach at colleges and universities and may be expected to have a valid law license. Applicants who have prior experience working in the legal field may be favored over applicants who do not have experience. As of 2016, postsecondary law teachers earned a median annual income of $111,210, which is more than three times the national median income for all professions.

Postsecondary Teachers

Postsecondary teachers are usually expected to have a doctoral degree in their discipline, although some smaller colleges may hire instructors with a master's degree. Their goal is to ensure that the curriculum material for their classes is covered so that students can learn the appropriate information needed for their college degree. According to the BLS in 2016, the lowest 10 percent of postsecondary teachers earned less than $38,290, while the median annual income for all postsecondary teachers is $75,430, making this one of the highest paid teaching professions.

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