Technical Jobs that Pay Well

Technical jobs encompass trades and jobs that involve practical applications of science and technology. Careers in this field that pay well include jobs in construction, technology, transportation, communications, engineering and healthcare.

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Career Options for Technical Jobs that Pay Well

Technical careers are careers that involve performing practical tasks that involve scientific knowledge or mechanical skills. Careers in this field typically focus on making things work or operating equipment. There are a wide range of technical career options with median salaries of $52,000 per year or more for those interested in a technical occupation that pays a good salary.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2014-2024)*
Biomedical Engineers $85,620 23%
Technical Writers $69,850 10%
Nuclear Medicine Technologists $74,350 2%
Electricians $52,720 14%
Airline and Commercial Pilots $105,720 5%
Computer Programmers $79,840 -8% (decline)
Elevator Installers and Repairers $78,890 13%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Technical Jobs that Pay Well

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers enjoy a median salary of over $85,000 per year, and specialize in creating things like medical equipment or software. They do things like develop artificial organs and limbs, or they may develop mechanical equipment that's used for things like diagnosing and treating illnesses. They are required to have a degree in biomedical engineering. Professionals in this field may specialize and focus on bioinstrumentation, biomechanics or other subfields.

Technical Writers

Technical writers can prepare for their career by earning a bachelor's degree and acquiring technical knowledge through experience or training. With a median salary of just over $69,000 per year, these communication professionals can earn a good salary. They are the people who write manuals to explain how to assemble products or how to operate them. It's common for technical writers to work with engineers or others who create the products they're writing about and they may also advise designers about ways they can improve product design.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Nuclear medicine technologists work in healthcare and are trained to use medical equipment to produce images that can be used to diagnose patients. To enter this field it's necessary to have an associate's degree, and many states require these professionals to be licensed. Nuclear medicine technicians not only operate the equipment, but they also maintain their equipment and must be comfortable working with computers. They median salary for these professionals was $74,350 as of 2016.


Electricians are construction workers who specialize in the installation and repair of electrical systems and they perform tasks such as replacing damaged wiring or other equipment. When an electrical system isn't working properly they must determine the cause of the problem before fixing it. They enjoy a median annual salary of $52,720 and their training involves completing a postsecondary technical school program or an apprenticeship. Electricians may also need to be licensed, depending on where they work.

Airline and Commercial Pilots

With an annual median salary of $105,720, pilots enjoy a very high salary. They are required to have their commercial pilot's license, and those who work for airlines will usually be required to have a bachelor's degree. Pilots use a lot of sophisticated technical equipment in order to monitor plane operations and navigate planes or helicopters during flights. Their duties can involve everything from ensuring the cargo on the airplane is balanced properly to calculating how much fuel is needed and making sure that the plane has enough gas to reach its destination, as well as communicating with passengers.

Computer Programmers

Computer programmers spend their time creating code for computer programs. They can be involved in determining the types of functions a program may be able to do and then write the code that directs software to perform those functions. They need to be comfortable working on computers for long periods of time. In addition to having a bachelor's degree, they must also know programming languages. Computer programmers are technical computer experts whose annual median income is almost $80,000.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevator installers and repairers are required to complete an apprenticeship to learn this trade, and many states also require elevator installers and repairers to be licensed. These professionals put the systems that operate elevators and the elevator and its doors into buildings, and they also repair the elevator and its systems when necessary. They also work with other things such as chair lifts. They need electrical skills, must be familiar with building regulations, and typically earn more than $78,000 per year, which makes this a high-paying technical career.

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