Top 50 Colleges for Racial and Cultural Diversity

Jun 24, 2019

Most Diverse Colleges and Universities in the U.S. took a look at schools across the nation to compile this list of the most diverse colleges and universities. These schools were chosen based on several factors, including the ethnic makeup of the student body and faculty, graduation rates of ethnically diverse students, and facilities and programs offered to promote diversity.'s rankings are unique in that they emphasize accessibility, affordability, and quality of education, which we considered the most important attributes in our ranking lists.

In the list below, we've provided a glimpse of the schools to introduce you to the many features they offer to promote inclusive campuses where students of all ethnic backgrounds can come together and learn. We've also included a brief look at degree programs offered by schools including popular degrees such as business, nursing, and education.

1. New York Institute of Technology

Global diversity is celebrated at New York Institute of Technology, where you'll find a campus that, as of 2019, includes an undergraduate student body consisting of:

  • 18% Asian students
  • 16% Hispanic students
  • 16% non-resident alien students
  • 8% African American students

Roughly 90 countries are represented at this school that proudly offers an array of student clubs that emphasize respect for student cultures, community building, and awareness, including the Black Student Union, Roots, and the Muslim Student Association. This institute has campuses in New York, Canada, and China, as well as the UAE. It also hosts an annual celebration of global diversity as part of International Education Week.

2. New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology proudly offers a campus rich in diversity and aims to support students of all identities and cultures. You'll find numerous clubs for students interested in activities promoting and supporting ethnic diversity, including the National Society of Black Engineers and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. The New Jersey Institute of Technology also offers a student-run organization for LGBTQA+ students and supporters. The student body consists of:

  • 21% Asian students
  • 20% Hispanic or Latino students
  • 8% African American students

3. University of Bridgeport

You can learn from a diverse and award-winning instructional faculty at the University of Bridgeport, including Fulbright Scholars and National Science Foundation Fellows. Diversity is celebrated and supported at this Connecticut university through various student organizations, including the African Student Association, an international student club, Caribbean Service Association, and the Civil Rights Activist Club. The university also celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day with an annual service day as well as workshops on social justice and more. Undergraduates are primarily female at this university, which is home to:

  • 34% African American students
  • 22% Hispanic students
  • 8% International students (study abroad)
  • 1% American Indian students

4. Rutgers University-Newark

Diversity plays an integral role in student lives at Rutgers University in Newark, where inclusion and non-discrimination policies are emphasized in programs, student clubs, and daily campus life. The university holds this as such a high priority that it's home to the John Cotton Dana Library Diversity Research Center and the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities. There is even a minority student program within the law school. The school boasts a student population consisting of:

  • 28% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 19% African American students
  • 18% Asian students

5. LIU Brooklyn

The origins of Long Island University- Brooklyn are cemented in diversity, since its founders offered acceptance to students on merits alone through their policy of nondiscrimination. Cultural groups are abundant here, so you can choose from organizations like the Caribbean Students Movement, Hillel Jewish Students Organization, and Sangam, an Indian cultural group. The school offers you a chance to interact with students of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds, with a student body comprised of:

  • 22% African American students
  • 16% Asian students
  • 15% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 2% multiracial students

Master's and doctoral programs are offered at this school, along with a wealth of undergraduate degrees in areas like accounting, media arts, sports science and technology management.

6. California State University-East Bay

If you're passionate about social justice and an inclusive campus, you can utilize California State University- East Bay's Diversity and Inclusion Student Center, which offers workshops on racism and female objectification as well as discussions on relevant social concerns. This school is home to a diverse mix of student backgrounds, including:

  • 34% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 23% Asian students
  • 10% African American students
  • 6% multiracial students

You can find a wide variety of student clubs and organizations at this Hayward, CA university that support ethnic and cultural diversity. Some of these options include an Indian Student Association, Iranian Student Organization, and Asian American Pacific Islander club.

7. Andrews University

Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, Michigan, encourages a global mindset and is one of the top universities in the U.S. for number of international students enrolled in its programs. Diversity plays a key role in this Seventh-Day Adventist University, which promotes this idea as part of the religion's biblical roots, and provides ongoing diversity training to faculty and students alike. Classroom learning in the school's undergraduate and graduate programs also incorporates cultural training. Clubs at Andrews, including the Tanzanian Club, South Pacific Islanders Club, Language and Culture Exchange Society, and Black Student Christian Forum, are focused on providing community for minorities and developing positive relationships and interactions. You'll find a diverse student population here with:

  • 27% African American students
  • 18% Asian students
  • 16% Hispanic students

8. Hawaii Pacific University

Promoting a multicultural college experience, Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu is proud of its diverse student body, which includes students of various ethnicities, including:

  • 15% Asian students
  • 14% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 5% African American students
  • 2% Native Hawaiian students
  • 1% American Indian/ Alaskan students

The university welcomes international students as well, including students from more than 60 countries across the globe. You can also find student organizations that support inclusion and diversity, such as the Gay-Straight Alliance, I Am That Girl organization, International Club, and Hui Hawaii.

9. Barry University

Located in Miami Shores, FL, Barry University is home to an ethnically diverse faculty and student population. Among faculty teaching at this university, you'll find nearly 19% are Hispanic, and 16% are African American. Adding to the rich diverse culture of the Catholic university are the students, including:

  • 34% African American students
  • 34% Hispanic/ Latino students

The Office of International and Multicultural Programs hosts a variety of programs for students here, including campus events like the National Day of Racial Healing and a day of service on Martin Luther King Day. Program options span business, education, medicine, theology, and psychology, to name just a few.

10. Fairleigh Dickinson University- Metropolitan Campus

Fairleigh Dickinson University's mission is to prepare global citizens by promoting interconnectedness, mutual respect, and cultural sensitivity. The university's metropolitan campus is hosts international students from more than 60 countries, and a diverse student body, with:

  • 31% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 7% African American students
  • 6% Asian students

You can choose from graduate or undergraduate programs in health care, business, education, and professional areas of interest. The proximity of the campus to New York City allows you to take advantage of the city's cultural diversity while actually attending school in a small, quiet environment.

11. Pacific Union College

At Pacific Union College, you'll be exposed to the ideas and experiences of a diverse student population on a Napa Valley campus that celebrates and encourages tolerance and respect. You can choose from more than 70 degree options here, including pre-professional programs, an MBA, and degrees in engineering, global development, aviation, and biology. Numerous cultural clubs are available, including the Vietnamese Student Association and Korean Adventist Student Association. The ethnic makeup of the student body includes:

  • 26% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 18% Asian students
  • 8% Multiracial students
  • 7% African American students

12. Stony Brook University

At Stony Brook University in New York, you can celebrate your culture, religion, or ethnicity or learn about another by participating in events offered by the Charles B. Wang Center, the UNITI Cultural Center, and the Interfaith Center, or one of several other cultural centers on campus. You can build your leadership skills and prepare for your career through the Diversity Professional Leadership Network or through diversity panels organized with specific companies. This research university boasts a diverse student population primarily made up of students from Asian, African American, and Hispanic backgrounds.

13. Woodbury University

Woodbury University, located in Burbank, California, welcomes diversity, in fact more than half of the student population is made up of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, with 30% of students being of Hispanic origin. This university is a Hispanic Serving Institution, which led to funding for additional programs for minority students. Many of the undergraduate and graduate programs here encourage ethnic diversity, inclusion, respect for others, and social responsibility. The Woodbury School of Architecture, in fact, strives specifically toward promoting gender equality within the field of architecture, and places an emphasis on fostering relationships between races and orientations in favor of kindness and cooperation.

14. San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is proud of the high percentage of minority students with 2017-2018 enrollment numbers showing:

  • 30% Asian students
  • 26% Chicano or Mexican American students
  • 12% Latino students
  • 6% African American students

San Francisco State University offers a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate programs, including Latino, Africana, Asian American, and American Indian programs offered through the College of Ethnic Studies. The ethnic studies college also supports diversity through an Arab and Muslim ethnicities initiative, queer ethnic studies initiative, and empowerment center for ethnic studies students. The school also recently received a $1 million dollar grant to help promote student diversity in scientific fields.

15. University of Houston

The University of Houston proudly supports ethnic diversity through ongoing training, programs, and diversity lectures. In fact, the university has a Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which offers lectures and workshops, cultural celebrations, and awareness programs. Most students at the University of Houston are of Hispanic, Asian, or African American heritage. There are a wealth of undergraduate and graduate programs available through the university's 15 colleges.

16. Nova Southeastern University

At Nova Southeastern University, the work of creating a diverse campus requires input from everyone, including instructional staff, students, administrators, alumni, and community members. These individuals together form the Inclusion and Diversity Council, which provides numerous programs to encourage inclusion and multiculturalism. The majority of students here are non-white, including:

  • 27% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 15% African American students
  • 10% Asian students

The school itself has an international feel, with students from more than 100 countries in attendance. Nova Southeastern offers several multicultural clubs on its Fort Lauderdale campus, such as student associations for students interested in Pakistani, Saudi Arabian, Latin American, and Indian cultures.

17. University of St. Thomas

About 70% of the students at the Houston-based University of St. Thomas are ethnically diverse, with about 45% being of Hispanic/Latino heritage. The university is both a Hispanic Serving Institution and a Catholic institution that has bachelor's degrees in more than 35 areas of study, as well as graduate program options. The university promotes student diversity in several ways, including through its numerous student groups, including the Chinese Language and Culture Association, Irish Culture Club, Japanese Culture Club, Deaf Culture Club, and League of United Latin American Citizens.

18. San Jose State University

San Jose State University has a history of promoting diversity among its students, from its origins as a promoter of civil rights activism to its present-day status as an inclusive campus. You'll find a variety of initiatives here that promote student learning and work to improve graduation rates among ethnically diverse students. Diversity is encouraged through the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center, PRIDE Center, and numerous student clubs. You'll be taught by a faculty who benefit from various organizations on campus that provide diverse learning and training opportunities. At this university, you can find a supportive environment for ethnic diversity, led in part by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

19. Saint Peter's University

A Jesuit university in New Jersey, Saint Peter's is highly diverse with a student population consisting of:

  • 43% Hispanic students
  • 22% African American students
  • 7% Asian students

In addition to the seven graduate degrees available here, you can also find undergraduate and pre-professional programs. A diverse faculty educates students at this university, with instructional staff that includes Asian, Hispanic, and African American instructors. If you want to engage with fellow students, you can choose from a host of student clubs promoting inclusion, advocacy, culture, and service, among other ideals.

20. University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago has a diverse group of undergraduate students in attendance, with Latin American, Asian, African American, and international students making up the bulk of the student body. At this university, the Office for Access and Equity plays a lead role in encouraging diversity among faculty, with efforts in place to recruit people of color and women. Training on discrimination and diversity is also offered through this office. Indeed, 83% of first-year students in 2015 indicated through surveys that the diversity of the campus was a key component in their college selection process. There are around 80 bachelor's programs to choose from at this university, along with about 150 master's and doctoral programs.

21. New Jersey City University

New Jersey City University promotes the idea that diversity in the classroom promotes respect, improved critical thinking skills, and the ability to appreciate and understand other cultures. The university proudly features a diverse student body of:

  • 38% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 22% African American students
  • 8% Asian students

There is also a high percentage of teaching staff made up of African American, Hispanic, and Asian instructors. You'll find master's and bachelor's programs in numerous fields, such as management, psychology, education, urban education, and women's studies. There is also a robust study abroad program available, with offerings in India, Costa Rica, Turkey, China, and more, providing you with the opportunity to improve your appreciation for cultural diversity.

22. San Diego State University

You'll find around 35 organizations on the campus of San Diego State University focused specifically on diversity and a research program that encourages ethnic diversity through student participation. Some of these student organizations include the Afrikan Student Union, Association of Chicana Activists, and the Brazilian Student Association. San Diego State University also features an educational opportunity program and scholarship opportunities to encourage attendance of students from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

23. SUNY College at Old Westbury

SUNY College at Old Westbury has bachelor's degrees and graduate programs available through the schools of arts and sciences, education, professional studies, and business. It is made up of a diverse student population, including students that identify as African American, Hispanic, Asian, or a combination of 2 or more races. The university reports that its student body is made up of:

  • 28% African American
  • 26% Hispanic/ Latino
  • 11% Asian
  • 3% Multiracial

In 2016, the university introduced a strategic plan to promote diversity by offering training options for faculty, hiring diverse faculty members, implementing a student diversity program, and encouraging participation in cultural activities.

24. CUNY City College

City College welcomes all students and celebrates the cultural differences of its student body, while offering a bounty of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. You'll find programs in such areas as music education, psychology, urban design, Jewish studies, Latino studies, economics, engineering, and more. Student enrollment here is made up of:

  • 38% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 24% Asian students
  • 15% African American or Black students

You'll have the chance to expand your knowledge about your own background or learn about others through student organizations like the Muslim Student Organization, Dominican Students Association, and Hispanic Engineers club, to name a few.

25. University of Hawaii at Hilo

At the University of Hawaii at Hilo, you can embrace Hawaiian culture and language through the College of Hawaiian Language and the Hawaiian Language Center. You can also immerse yourself in cultural activities through the Hawaiian Language Culture Living Learning Community, an on-campus residential living experience. The school is home to an array of ethnicities, including:

  • 29% Hawaiian students
  • 8% Filipino students
  • 6% Japanese students
  • 6% Pacific Islander students
  • 2% Chinese students

26. University of Washington-Tacoma Campus

Diversity and inclusion play key roles in the mission of this university, where students and faculty are encouraged to maintain relationships based on respect and utilize non-violent techniques to handle discrimination and unjust issues. The university hosts an annual diversity summit and a Native American Indigenous Education Symposium as part of its efforts to create a diverse campus. You will find an array of graduate and undergraduate programs here as well as numerous opportunities to get involved in campus life through conferences, student groups, a student center, and student government. You'll find students of many backgrounds at this university, including those who represent two or more races and international students.

27. California State University- Fullerton

The Fullerton campus of California State University is made up of a diverse student population and offers a wide variety of programs and groups to encourage diversity and help students form respectful connections. You can find a variety of ethnic studies programs here, including programs in Chicano studies and African American studies, as well as centers based on identity, such as the Asian Pacific Islander Resource Center and the Titan Dreamers Resource Center. This Hispanic-serving Institution also hosts students from nearly 80 countries and offers degrees in business, communications, engineering, humanities, math, education, and health and human development.

28. University of California-Irvine

A number of partnerships, groups, and councils on the University of California- Irvine campus promote diversity, such as the Center for Educational Partnerships and Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture, & Inclusion. You'll also have access to a cross-cultural center where you can participate in activities focused on activism, empowerment, and social justice. You'll find around 90 majors at this research university that is home to a diverse student population featuring:

  • 36% Asian students
  • 26% of Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 4% Multiracial students
  • 2% African American students

As a graduate student here, you'll find diversity fellowships and summer research programs to encourage diversity in the grad school.

29. Georgia State University

A major research university with seven campuses for you to choose from, Georgia State University is a highly diverse university with the majority of its student body representing Asian, African American, and Hispanic backgrounds. Georgia State offers you more than 70 study abroad programs and opportunities to connect with a variety of cultural communities in the Atlanta region. A variety of cultural student groups are available, including the Bangladesh Student Association, Black Graduate Student Association, a Vietnamese club, and an African student association.

30. College of Mount Saint Vincent

Located in Riverdale, NY, the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers small class sizes and a wooded campus that still provides you with easy access to internships and cultural opportunities in nearby Manhattan. You'll find a diverse student campus, with the student population composed of:

  • 41% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 15% African American students
  • 9% Asian students

You can also select from several student organizations focused on diversity and cultural awareness, including the Caribbean Students Association and the Black Student Union. Some groups even offer yearly events on cultural heritage that you can participate in, such as the Barrio Festival offered by the Filipino heritage group.

31. Concordia College- New York

This Christian school emphasizes diversity through its focus on international study, a supportive mentoring approach for first-year students, and an expanded enrollment department that seeks out students across the globe. You'll find a diverse array of students here, with a population composed of:

  • 21% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 17% African American students
  • 3% Asian students
  • 2% Multiracial students

Your time at this school will be rich with international culture, since 22% of students come here from about 32 countries.

32. California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona's ethnic diversity is a mirror of its host city of Los Angeles's diverse population, with about:

  • 30% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 25% Asian students
  • 3% African American students

You can participate in the university's Diversity Ambassador Program, which builds leadership and cultural skills while promoting community involvement and social justice. Numerous events supporting diversity are available on campus, including cultural programs offered by the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education.

33. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

At UNLV, nearly 60% of undergraduate students identify as part of a minority ethnic group, and the university has been named a minority serving institution for enrolling this large population of ethnically diverse students. Faculty and students alike can benefit from the numerous diversity groups and resources available on this campus, including multicultural programs for STEM and health sciences, the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach, a student multicultural center, Council of African American Professionals, and the Council on Equity and Opportunity.

34. College of Saint Elizabeth

College of Saint Elizabeth proudly offers a diverse campus made up of first-generation college students, international students, and ethnically underrepresented students. This Catholic college in Morristown, NJ, participates in the Educational Opportunity Fund, which helps disadvantaged students attend college. Ethnic diversity at this school is strong, where the student body is made up of:

  • 32% African American students
  • 24% Latino/ Hispanic students
  • 4% Asian students

You can participate in several student cultural clubs here, including the International and Intercultural Club.

35. Washington Adventist University

A Seventh-day Adventist university in Maryland, Washington Adventist University is home to a variety of special programs for all of its students, including study abroad, a summer session in the capital, and internships. You can find a diversity program here, one of several campus ministries, that offers training sessions and other programs to encourage diversity and inclusion on campus. The campus is composed of a student body with:

  • 46% African American students
  • 15% Hispanic/ Latino students
  • 10% International/ study abroad students
  • 5% Asian students

36. Northeastern Illinois University

Offering nearly 100 graduate and undergraduate programs, Northeastern Illinois University is a diverse campus recognized as a Hispanic Serving Institution. You'll find a predominantly Hispanic student body here, along with students representing Asian, African American, and multi-racial backgrounds along with diversity in age and gender. Led by an African American female president, the university is proud of its devotion to diversity with students speaking almost 50 languages other than English as their first language.

37. Kean University

Known as the only American public university with a campus located in China, Kean University is proud of its diverse student body and commitment to a global education. You'll find students of all backgrounds here, including Hispanic/ Latino, African American, Asian, and multi-race. You can choose from bachelor's and master's degrees, six doctoral options, as well as graduate certificates and diplomas at this university, which presents an annual conference on human rights violations awareness that's open to students. Cultural organizations are abundant here, and you'll find a Black Leadership Union, Haitian Student Association, Latin American Student Organization, and more.

38. CUNY Hunter College

CUNY Hunter College, is home to Centro, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, which is the only American university research center that examines Puerto Rican experiences in the United States. The college, based in Manhattan, provides graduate and undergraduate programs to students from diverse backgrounds, including:

  • 31% Hispanic students
  • 27% Asian students
  • 24% White students
  • 10% African American students

As a student, you'll find programs in liberal arts areas of study, as well as in nursing, social work, health areas, urban public health, and education.

39. University of Washington-Bothell Campus

As of 2018, half of first-year students at the University of Washington-Bothell were first-generation college students, which along with a 29% Asian student population and 10% international student attendance creates a richly diverse campus. You can find a diversity council at this school, which draws from the experience and knowledge of students and faculty alike. The university proudly offers a commitment to diversity as one of the key components of its 21st Century Campus Initiative. As a student at this university, you can choose from programs in education, business, nursing, STEM fields, and liberal arts.

40. University of California-Riverside

UC - Riverside is committed to supporting underrepresented students through its membership in the University Innovation Alliance. Among the ethnicities represented here are Hispanic students who make up 16% of the graduate student enrollment and nearly 42% of undergraduates, according to university data. You can find an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion here, which offers numerous student initiatives and resources. If you're interested in exploring your culture or others while on campus, you can find African, Asian Pacific, Native American, and Chicano student programs available.

41. Marymount University

A variety of cultural experiences are available for you to take advantage of at this Catholic university, through International Student Services as well as cultural clubs like the African Caribbean Student Association and South Asian Society. Marymount University has a predominately female student population from diverse backgrounds, including:

  • 14% African American students
  • 15% Hispanic students
  • 8% Asian students

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered here with some of the more popular programs being nursing, business, counseling, and forensic psychology. Marymount University is also popular among international students, with 21% of students in attendance coming from countries across the globe.

42. Felician University

A Franciscan university in New Jersey, Felician University proudly incorporates respect for all people as part of its campus values. Of the approximately 2,100 students on campus, 24% are black or African American and 29% are Latino or Hispanic. You can choose from an array of student groups here, including several that encourage and support diversity, such as the International Cultural Club, Black Student Union, and the Environmental and Social Issues club.

43. University of Maryland- Baltimore County

Diversity among students and faculty is promoted at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County through the numerous programs and resources offered here. You can find an abundance of initiatives and inclusive events at The Mosaic: Center for Culture and Diversity as well as programs like ADVANCE, which aims to promote women in STEM careers, a fellowship program promoting faculty diversity, and student cultural organizations. This research university offers programs ranging from bachelor's to doctoral degrees and boasts a nearly 50% minority enrollment rate for students, as of 2018.

44. The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to promote open dialogue and idea exchange through the inclusive community it has built on campus. In fact, the university offers an entire division, known as the UT Austin Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, where you can find a variety of resources focused on diversity. Some initiatives include the Longhorn Campaign for Students of Color and a thematic faculty initiative, promoting multiculturalism in the instructional faculty. Students who attend this university come from all 50 states and a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as from more than 120 countries worldwide.

45. Florida Atlantic University

Close to the Atlantic Ocean and beaches, Florida Atlantic University is often considered to have the most diverse student body in Florida. The university features a Center for IDEAs emphasizing diversity and inclusion where you can participate in a variety of student organizations, discussions, and training sessions. You can choose from about 170 undergraduate and graduate programs here and take advantage of a robust student research program and entrepreneurial competitions.

46. Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University has a long history of promoting ethnic and racial diversity on its campus, including being the first Southern liberal arts college to voluntarily welcome African American students. This Plainview, TX, university's student body includes:

  • 32% Hispanic students
  • 17% African American students
  • 4% Multiracial students

You'll select from 40 undergraduate majors, 14 master's programs, a doctorate, and around 12 pre-professional programs, as well as degree completion options. You can participate in sports, attend movie or game nights, or join one of the many student clubs here, such as the Black Student Association, Spanish Club, International Choir or Catholic Student Association.

47. Caldwell University

Caldwell University in New Jersey provides ample opportunities for you to explore your own culture or learn about others through student clubs like the Black Student Union, Latin American Student Organization, Nepalese Student Association, and International Student Organization. Even if you don't join a club, you'll join a diverse student population at this Catholic university, where the student body is comprised of:

  • 23% Hispanic students
  • 13% African American or black students
  • 3% Asian students

The school is also home to the Center for Excellence for Teaching that features programs designed especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

48. Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a Catholic school located around 25 miles from Chicago. It is a proud supporter of diverse groups and ethnic diversity on campus, offering an Inclusion and Diversity department that features numerous events, programs, and trainings. You can get involved by participating in monthly discussions on current issues, becoming a peer educator, or taking part in the annual social justice teach-in, to name just a few. Benedictine University's courses are all taught by faculty members, not graduate assistants, and the university boasts a 12:1 student to teacher ratio.

49. William Paterson University of New Jersey

William Paterson University boasts a strong Hispanic and first-generation college student enrollment and is part of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. At this university, you'll find a focus on educating people on the impact of immigration policies. You'll get a hands-on approach to learning at this university through numerous cutting-edge campus facilities as well as an opportunity to give back through the required civic engagement course and corresponding community service efforts. The nearly 80 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs available here are centered on communication and arts, education, science, health, social sciences, and business.

50. Concordia University-Texas

Ethnic diversity is promoted at Concordia University-Texas through a variety of cultural celebrations, training sessions, student clubs, and learning opportunities for faculty. You'll find an ethnically diverse campus, with students representing Hispanic, African American, and American Indian cultures. Based in Northwest Austin, the university offers a doctorate in education along with bachelor's and master's programs. You can get involved in numerous student activities and groups, including CTX Alive, which promotes the idea that all lives are important and equal.

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