Top 50 LGBT-Friendly Colleges has recognized the best LGBT-friendly schools across the nation. These schools are recognized for having a strong LGBT community, events, resources, housing and student organizations.

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Best LGBT Schools investigated schools to identify those that have a strong LGBTQ* community and recognize those that support students with awareness and unification events, such as National Coming Out Day, Pride Month, and Lavender Graduation (a commencement ceremony for LGBTQ students). Some considerations that were taken into account include whether schools offer gender-neutral restrooms and housing, counseling and health services with specially trained staff, Safe Zone, ally, and peer mentoring programs and whether students are provided community by way of a dedicated LGBTQ Center and/or student organizations. Alongside strong LGBTQ school qualities, we also evaluated schools to ensure they offer a great education in popular, in-demand academic areas such as business, nursing, and education

1. Yale University

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut is a top name in education as well as a leader in support and social groups for LGBTQ undergraduate and graduate students, professors and staff. Some of these groups include:

  • Not-So-Straight Frosh: Group that welcomes incoming LGBTQ freshmen as they acclimate to college life
  • LGBTQ Co-op: Student organization for all undergraduate and graduate students
  • Yale LGBTQ Affinity Group: A professional network for faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars
  • Queer Peers Graduate and Professional Counselors: Specially trained counselors who advise LGBTQ students on various topics

Yale's Office of LGBTQ Resources has a number of initiatives, including meetings, discussions, information sessions, film screenings, and activities such as Queer Crafternoon. It also celebrates Trans/Gender Awareness Week and Gaypril.

2. Dartmouth College

New Hampshire's Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, has an annual LGBTQIA celebration called Dartmouth Pride Week, during which rainbow lights illuminate Dartmouth Hall. The school hosts numerous events for their LGBTQIA students throughout the year, ranging from meet-and-greets to cookouts. Some other events include:

  • Dances
  • Theatre, music, and poetry performances
  • Fashion shows
  • Various discussion groups

Students can also explore their identity through support in one-on-one conversations with mentors through Partnerships in Pride, a mentoring program through Dartmouth College's Office of Pluralism and Leadership.

3. Princeton University

Princeton University in New Jersey maintains an active LGBTQ community through the LGBTQ Center, which supports and advocates for all undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty. Anyone can participate in weekly events and training sessions and receive referrals for additional resources. The LGBTQ Center has its own Resource Room and Library as well as the Rainbow Lounge, a place for groups to gather, study, and talk. Some associated initiatives include:

  • LGBTQIA Peer Educators
  • Q'nnections: A mentorship program
  • Woke101: A 6-session workshop
  • 11 LGBTQ student organizations
  • 14 support and discussion groups

LGBTQ students who also identify with a particular religion, ethnic group, or interest (like sports) have several student organizations and support groups in which they can get involved.

4. Brown University

In 2004, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island founded its LGBTQ Center, which reaches out to everyone involved in the college community: students, professors, and families alike. The center offers numerous events and programming to ensure the schools LGBTQ students feel connected and supported. Included in the center's offerings are:

  • Out for Lunch: A discussion group that has covered topics such as the LGBTQ community in relation to pregnancy, motherhood, pop culture, or international issues such as LGBTQ rights in Russia
  • Renn Mentoring Program: Pairs students with faculty/staff members who support them in coming out and being out
  • Brown Safe Zone Program: Provides participants with resources to support the LGBTQ community and be a visible ally

5. University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1983, the University of Pennsylvania's Penn LGBT Center is one of the oldest centers of its kind. Devoted to the wellbeing of the LGBT students at the school, the LGBT Center is a major hub for related activities and groups. The center hosts 25 student organizations and provides services including:

  • Community events like dinner gatherings
  • Support services
  • LGBT Center Mentorship Program
  • Resources for faculty

LGBT students at the University of Pennsylvania are also able to choose gender neutral housing and use gender neutral restrooms, and are provided access to on-campus and off-campus support groups and counseling.

6. Williams College

Based in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Williams College is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment that recognizes and celebrates its LGBTQ students, who are active members in many student organizations and sports teams. LGBTQ students, along with every other Williams College student, can get support, information, and safe sex supplies through the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). Related programs include:

  • The Dively Committee for Human Sexuality and Diversity: A committee whose funds support programming and events that foster an understanding and respect of human sexuality and orientation
  • Anything But Straight in Athletics: A group for varsity and club athletes to meet and support each other
  • BiGLATA: A networking organization for LGBTQ alumni

7. Washington University - St. Louis

Washington University - St. Louis (WUSTL) in Missouri has a thriving LGBTQ community and is home to many resources for LGBTQ students, including:

  • LGBTQIA Campus Life: Provides support to students in various facets, including social programs and leadership development
  • LGBT.WUSTL.EDU: An online resource for events, news, and organizations
  • Destination Q Retreat: A 2-day, free retreat for LGBTQIA undergraduates
  • Several on-campus student organizations, such as OUTgrads (for graduate students), OUTLAW (for law students), and OUTLOOK (for social work students)

Additionally, Washington University offers a set of seven awards, known collectively as the Holobaugh Honors, to celebrate students or faculty (past and present) who are staunch advocates for the LGBTQIA community.

8. University of Chicago

At the University of Chicago in Illinois, LGBTQ Student Life serves as the central office for all students who identify as part of this group. The office's Safe Space program that works to build allies and help LGBTQ students feel safe and confident while attending classes and participating in university life. Allies can take training sessions to learn how to support their peers. The school also supports the LGBTQ community through the following:

  • Mentorships between LGBTQ students who have already come out
  • Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming Student Space
  • A library guide focused on LGBTQ studies at the university library
  • The Rainbow Graduation: A celebration of the accomplishments of graduating LGBTQ students

The University of Chicago also has a Bias Education & Support Team that supports students who have experienced bias to help them respond in the most effective way possible. The team makes note of reported incidents to develop appropriate programming to address the situation.

9. University of California - Berkeley

Through the Berkeley's Gender Equity Resource Center, students have access to a huge quantity of on- and off-campus resources, including student organizations and counseling. The center provides information on gender inclusive housing and restrooms, and even offers groups for specific populations, such as people of color and those affiliated with various religions or spiritual practices. UC - Berkeley also hosts annual events such as:

  • QT Pie: A Queer, Trans, LGBTQ+ Welcome Week
  • National Coming Out Week
  • LGBTQ+ Career Conference

10. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California (USC), located in Los Angeles, has an LGBTQ Resource Center that serves LGBTQ students in their educational journey and as their base for networking with off-campus organizations and career opportunities. The center reports new updates regarding LGBTQ issues and rights nationally and internationally and provides links to many educational activities to promote conversation, tolerance, and understanding. These activities include things like guided imaginary exercises, role plays, and discussion topics.

There are also a couple of advocacy groups to help students feel accepted and like part of the community while at USC, including the First-Year Advocacy Board, which is focused on helping new students acclimate to their new environment.

11. Tufts University

Tufts University, located in Medford, Massachusetts, opened its LGBT Center in 1992. Students who visit the LGBT Center can:

  • Relax in a safe space
  • Attend counseling sessions
  • Participate in discussions
  • Join in fun events like QRUNCH: brunch with conversation topics related to queer life

Tufts puts an emphasis on the comfort and acceptance of their students, which is evident through their themed housing programs. The Rainbow House is a housing option for students who identify as LGBTQ or as allies. In addition to housing dedicated to those in the LGBTQ community, students can also be assured that their physical and mental health needs will be attended to, with medical staff specially trained in LGBTQIA+ issues.

12. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor offers support and services for LGBTQ+ students and employees through its Spectrum Center. Programs include the Allyhood Development Training Program and the My Voice Program. Students can also choose to pursue a graduate certificate program in LGBTQ studies.

UM - Ann Arbor is home to 18 LGBTQ student groups, including groups for those in the LGBTQ community who are followers of various religions, people of color, or who study a particular subject, such as dentistry, medicine, business, law, or social work. The school also supports their LGBTQ faculty, with four faculty groups, including the Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative (LGQRI). UM - Ann Arbor also hosts numerous annual events for the LGBTQ community, including the Lavender Graduation.

13. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Students attending the UNC Chapel Hill can join an LGBTQ support community and learn about campus events through the UNC LGBTQ Center. Here, they can request an appointment to talk with members of the center's staff face-to-face on-campus or off-campus, or through email, phone call, or text message.

The LGBTQ Center hosts regular events, like:

  • Trans Talk Tuesday
  • Center After Dark
  • Sister/Sister Drag Show
  • Intersex Day of Solidarity
  • LGBTIQA+ Speaker Series
  • Other presentations and workshops

In addition to these events, there are three undergraduate and eight graduate student organizations LGBTQ students can join to be even more a part of a community. Upon graduation, LGBTQ students can participate in the school's Lavender Graduation.

14. Vassar College

Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, Vassar College has an LGBTQ Center that's open Monday through Friday and often has weekend hours during the school year. Here, students can come to relax, study, and feel connected to the community. The LGBTQ Center organizes initiatives such as:

  • Vassar First Year LGBTQIA Students Initiative
  • Queer and Trans People of Color
  • Queer and Trans Athletes
  • Peer Mentors program
  • Career development advice

Vassar College also affords students the opportunity to have their chosen name appear on many of their unofficial school records to help students feel more accepted.

15. University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA's LGBT Campus Resource Center has been in operation since the 1990s and continues to act as a hub for support and advocacy for the LGBTQ community. Through the center, students can receive medical services and counseling, learn about affiliated Los Angeles community organizations, and access educational information.

The school also offers several events throughout the school year to foster communication and community including:

  • Coffee & Cannoli with Cofino: Hosted by the director of the center every two weeks so that students can meet him and talk about experiences and opportunities
  • Queer Fandom Fanatics: A weekly meetup focused on discussing popular culture
  • Queer & Trans People of Color: A weekly gathering to develop community among this group of students

UCLA offers an LGBTQ Studies minor and even publishes Queer Cats: A Journal of LGBTQ Studies. Upon completion of their degrees, LGBTQ students can participate in the Lavender Graduation ceremony.

16. Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, students can visit the Gender Programs & LGBTQ+ Initiatives located within The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion. This center hosts events (like Gaypril) and advises the student organization ALLIES and ALLIES GRAD. LGBTQ students can also visit SoHo, a place within University Center to relax, make friends, and access resources for the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ business undergraduate students can join Out&Allied, which provides networking opportunities with employers and equips students to be advocates in the workplace, and graduate students can attend the annual Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA & Business Graduate Conference.

17. Lehigh University

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh University provides students with resources and connections through The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity. The Pride Center supports LGBTQ students as well as all minorities. If a student seeks to join an undergraduate student organization, there are four options available:

  • Spectrum: A discussion club for both LGBTQ students and allies
  • SPEAK: Students Promoting Education, Awareness, and Knowledge
  • Greek Allies: A club focused on educating the Greek community on LGBTQIA issues
  • Athlete Ally: A group devoted to promoting inclusion in the athletics of Lehigh

There is also a graduate student organization called PRISM that advocates for diversity in the university. Additional resources are provided through The Pride Center.

18. Bucknell University

Located in Lewisburg, Bucknell University is another Pennsylvania school that puts an emphasis on the inclusion of the LGBTQ community, with safe spaces available in many fraternities, sororities, and athletic teams. These safe spaces are meant to serve as places where LGBTQ students and every other student can be themselves and feel comfortable.

Bucknell University celebrates National Coming Out Day, and the Office of LGBTQ Resources coordinates various on-campus and regional resources to meet students' academic, spiritual, and health needs.

19. University of California - San Diego

The University of California - San Diego (UCSD), located in La Jolla, welcomes students to its Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center. Students can subscribe to the Rainbow Newsletter, a weekly email blast that informs about upcoming events, as well as join LGBTQ support groups and student organizations. Some of the 12 available organizations include:

  • Aces and Aros: Group for students identifying as asexual or aromantic
  • Bored Gaymers: A board game club for the LGBTQ community
  • Lesbian Collective: A discussion group for lesbian students
  • oStem: A club for students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields

The school also supports its LGBT staff and faculty through the UCSD LGBT Staff and Faculty Association.

20. Pennsylvania State University

Penn State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally (LGBTQA) Student Resource Center is a hub for members, friends, family, and allies of LGBTQ students. There are 10 established student organizations for undergraduates and graduate students at the school, as well as regular discussion groups and annual events, including:

  • Welcome Reception
  • LGBTQ+ History Month: Encompasses National Coming Out Day, the Coming Out Rally, and International Pronouns Day
  • Transgender Awareness Month: Includes events like the Clothing Transit Open House and the Intersex Day of Remembrance
  • Pride Month
  • Lavender Graduation

21. DePauw University

DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana reaches out to its LGBTQIA+ students through LGBTQIA+ Student Services, which operates through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. On the center's website, students can access information about campus resources, regional resources, trans resources, and alumni engagement. There are also resources for LGBTQIA+ academic research in the Queer Literature collection at the school's Bennett Library.

At DePauw, students can become involved through:

  • Prism Leadership Program: An advocacy and leadership group
  • Queer Students of Color
  • DePauw LGBTQIA+ Advisory Board

DePauw is dedicated to ensuring its LGBTQIA+ students feel accepted and comfortable through these efforts and also through its Rainbow Community, which is housing available to LGBTQIA+ students.

22. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign has a solid LGBT community, supported by the LGBT Resource Center in the Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations. This center organizes many programs, such as:

  • Q-Connect: Helps LGBTQ+ students meet each other and find out about events and student organizations that may interest them
  • LGBT History Month
  • Lavender Congratulatory: A group of awards to honor LGBTQ+ graduates
  • Quench: A discussion group that features:
    • Your Story Matters, a series of personal stories

In addition to these programs, the U of I also has 10 student associations that are affiliated with the LGBT Resource Center, including A-Space, Rainbow International, Trans of Color, and Women of Pride. The Counseling Center also hosts Queers & Allies Outreach program that encompasses the LGBT Ally Network.

23. University of Wisconsin - Madison

At the University of Wisconsin - Madison, students can access LGBTQ resources and events through the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center. This center offers organized events and educational programs, such as:

  • The Pride Society
  • Queer Students of Faith
  • Hearts and Crafts
  • LGBTQ Peer Mentor Program
  • Queer Emerging Leaders Program

The University of Wisconsin - Madison also offers a certificate program in LGBTQ+ Studies for those who wish to study LGBTQ+ issues. The school is also focused on ensuring its international students who identify as LGBTQ+ feel included in the community as well, so the International Student Services office also has many resources to help these students acclimate.

24. University of California - Davis

UC - Davis has a LGBTQIA Resource Center that is open from Monday through Friday. The university supports its community through celebrating Pride Month and publishing The Out List, which can foster mentoring and friendship by helping LGBTQIA students, faculty, and staff connect.

UC Davis has two special programs for its LGBTQ community:

  • Queer Leadership Retreat (QLR): This annual weekend retreat includes many workshops and activities meant to educate, empower, and build community
  • LGBTQ+ Youth Group: A volunteer group that reaches out to middle school and high school students in the county

25. New York University

New York University (NYU) in New York City is has an LGBTQ Student Center that students can visit during the week. NYU students can subscribe to the LGBTQ newsletter, the OUTPost and join any of their seven LGBTQ clubs open to both undergraduate and graduate students. There are also many regular events for the LGBTQ community throughout the school year, including:

  • Quench: A lunchtime discussion group
  • Out Breath: A mindfulness meditation practice
  • Storytelling & Performance series
  • Drag shows

New York University has additional advocacy and educational programs available, like the Safe Zone and the Outspoken Peer Education Program.

26. Ohio State University

Based in the city of Columbus, Ohio State University (OSU) promotes numerous LGBTQ initiatives, supported through the Multicultural Center, including four Q'munnity groups:

  • First Year Q'munnity
  • QTPOC Q'munnity
  • Q'munnity Dialogues
  • OSQ: Queer, Questioning, and Allied Mentoring

Adding to the social calendar of those in the LGBTQ community, the school also hosts a special event for almost every month of the academic year. For example, the HoliGay Dinner is in December and Herstory Honoring Queen Womyn occurs in March. OSU also has a Safe Zone Project and plenty of online resources for students.

27. University of Washington - Seattle

The University of Washington - Seattle's Q Center is the hub for LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, alumni. The Q Center is mainly run by students and features a student blog, the Queer Mentoring Program, and the Gender Discussion Group. Affiliated with several student groups, the center also hosts many campus community events, including the annual:

  • Open House: Helps new and returning students orient with associated organizations and students
  • Trans Day of Remembrance
  • Qolors Reception: A celebration for people of color
  • Lavender Graduation

LGBTQ students at the University of Washington - Seattle can access additional resources, such as a dedicated Study Abroad website that helps LGBTQ students organize safe and smart international experiences.

28. Connecticut College

Based in the city of New London, Connecticut College supports student diversity at its LGBTQIA Center, which was founded in 2007. This center serves as a place for students to relax, study, or access the resource library. It's also home to a multimedia project called the Queer Conn History Project.

Connecticut College strives to be an accepting, inclusive school through efforts including:

  • Training sessions for faculty, staff, and student leaders hosted by the LGBTQIA Center
  • Gender-inclusive restrooms
  • Name change options for preferred names
  • Gender-inclusive housing
  • The Womxn's Center, devoted to advocacy and education of gender equality

There are also two student organizations to help foster community within the LGBTQIA community: Connecticut College Queer & Questioning (CQ2) and PRISM.

29. Syracuse University

Syracuse University of Syracuse, New York build its LGBTQ student community through its hub, the LGBT Resource Center. The center publishes a regular newsletter called the Weekly Q, which provides information about school events and Syracuse University's three LGBTQ discussion groups:

  • Fusion
  • Embody
  • Cross Q Connections

Other initiatives by the LGBT Resource Center include funding for students to the Creating Change leadership conference and hosting the Rainbow Banquet. If undergraduate students wish to learn more about the LGBT community, they can pursue an interdisciplinary minor in LGBT Studies, which encompasses study abroad courses in Florence, Italy; London, England; and Madrid, Spain.

30. University of California - Santa Barbara

UCSB supports LGBTQ students through its Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, which hosts Safe Zone workshops and organizes events throughout the school year. It also provides an Out List to help UCSB students, faculty, and staff connect with their peers.

UCSB celebrates its LGBTQ community in numerous ways throughout the year, including:

  • LGBTQ History Month
  • Trans History Month
  • Intersex Day of Solidarity
  • World AIDS Day

Other events include dinners, picnics, movies, poetry, and art. Students can also opt to connect through any of UCSB's 10 LGBTQ student organizations.

31. Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University, located in Cleveland, Ohio, strives to provide a welcoming environment for its LGBT students. The university has an LGBT Center that produces a monthly newsletter and hosts regular events on almost every weekday of the academic year, sometimes with multiple events in one day. Some of these events are:

  • Guys Like Guys
  • Girls Like Girls
  • Out & Greek
  • Aces & Aros
  • Spectrum
  • Polyamory Family

CWRU organizes numerous types of resources for LGBTQ students, including educational, career, health, pronoun, and transgender resources. The university's LGBTQA Committee meets throughout the year and works on initiatives to make the university a safe and welcoming space.

32. American University

Based in Washington D.C., American University has a community of LGBTQ students who are supported by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. Students can reach out for support and advice through the peer advisor program, and those who would like to be in a leadership role can become an LGBTQ peer educator or a Queer Talk peer advisor.

LGBTQ education is supported by the Rainbow Speakers Bureau, which organizes talks on issues such as social constructions of sexuality, homophobia, and coming out. The school also supports its LGBTQ students through awarding a Rainbow Scholarship for a study abroad program.

33. University of Denver

The University of Denver in Colorado supports students through its LGBTIQA Programs & Services, which are coordinated through the Center for Multicultural Excellence. Some of these programs include:

  • Q Digest: A weekly email newsletter
  • Rainbow Know Series: An educational program
  • Queer & Ally (Q&A) training
  • Welcome Back BB'Q'
  • Homecoming Out Reception
  • Celebration Gala

The school's Pride Lounge is a hub for the LGBTQ community to meet and network, and there are also eight student organizations for LGBTQ students. Graduating LGBTQ students receive a rainbow tassel for their cap.

34. University of New Hampshire

Located in the city of Durham, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) offers support for its LGBTQA community with resources through various centers, including:

  • Office of Multicultural Student Affairs: Directs LGBTQA+ initiatives
  • Diversity Network Program: Offers LGBTQ career resources
  • Counseling Center: Has an LGBTQ+ support group

There is a monthly event called Quench: LGBTQA & Ally Monthly Discussion Series, as well as several annual events, like Coming Out Week, Gender Identity Awareness Week, and GAYpril. UNH also has a Safe Zone Program and several student organizations. Students who want to delve further into the academic side of the issues can also choose to minor in queer studies.

35. University of California - Santa Cruz

LGBTQ students at the UC Santa Cruz can subscribe to a weekly newsletter, QConnect, to stay current on issues related to the LGBTQ community at the school. The university's Lionel Cantú Queer Center hosts many student organization meetings and weekly events, like:

  • Queer Geeks
  • Gal Pals: Queer Women's Group
  • Queer & Questioning Men's Discussion & Support Group

The center is also the home of the Cantú Clothing Closet, where LGBTQ students can exchange clothing and accessories that best fit their identities, without worrying about shopping in a clothing store.

36. North Carolina State University - Raleigh

North Carolina State University (NCSU) - Raleigh provides services dedicated to the GLBT community through the GLBT Center, which is housed within the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity. Some of the services and programs offered by this center include:

  • Drop-in counseling
  • Trans 101: A 2-hour workshop
  • Queer Youth Leadership Summit: A 1-day intensive workshop

There are six associated student organizations available for students to join, with the largest and farthest-reaching being the GLBT CommUNITY Alliance. If students desire to research the LGBTQ community, they can peruse the special collection of materials related to the history, personal narratives, and academic study of the LGBTQ community at the school's library.

37. Ithaca College

At Ithaca College in New York, students can visit the Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services. The center was founded in 2001 and since then has organized various educational programs and materials, such as brochures, training workshops, and a resource room. The LGBT Center also arranges celebratory or social events. Some of these annual events include:

  • Out of the Closet and Onto the Screen Film Series
  • Gaypril
  • The Rainbow Reception: A reception for graduating LGBT students
  • Pride Prom

38. University of Vermont

The University of Vermont (UVM), located in the city of Burlington, reaches out to the LGBTQ community though its Prism Center, which connects students with on- and off-campus resources and helps students get involved in the community. Students can follow the center on Instagram and sign up for an events newsletter, This Week in Rainbows. Some of the events hosted by UVM include:

  • National Coming Out Week
  • Crockpot Comfort: A dinner focused on building community
  • LGBTQApril
  • LGBTQA Awards & Rainbow Graduation

39. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa in Iowa City seeks to provide a ''home away from home'' for LGBTQ students through its LGBTQ Resource Center. It tries to provide everything one would have at home, from a living room with cable, N64, and Netflix to a kitchen and a dining room. Of course, it has study rooms, computers, and printers so students can complete schoolwork, too.

Some LGBTQ-focused student organizations at UI are:

  • Spectrum UI: A safe space led by students
  • UI Trans Alliance
  • EQUAL MEDS: An organization to educate medical students on medical issues in the LGBTQIA community
  • The Rainbow Room: A room that provides support for writers

40. University of Oregon

The University of Oregon, based in the city of Eugene, supports LGBTQ students through its LGBT Education and Support Services team. Students who are ambitious in living their best LGBTQ life while studying at the university can apply to be part of the LGBTQIA+ Scholars community. This involves living with peers in a residence hall, the possibility of minoring in queer studies, and participating in conferences and leadership activities.

The university offers many other LGBTQ-affiliated student organizations, including:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Asexual, Aromantic, and Allied Alliance (LGBTQA3)
  • Queer, Trans, and Intersex Students of Color (QTISOC)
  • Sappho: Queer Women's Discussion Group
  • Ace-Aro: A club for asexual or aromantic identifying students

41. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (UW - La Crosse) is home to the UWL Pride Center, which functions as a safe space for LGBTQ students to relax and a source of educational resources and support. Students can join the Rainbow Unity student group or the Transform student group, both of which have informational-based and fun-focused weekly meetings. The Pride Center has regular events, such as:

  • Queer Cinema films
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening
  • Drag Show
  • Queer Prom

UW - La Crosse also helps students connect with local, off-campus resources and groups, such as the The Center: 7 Rivers LGBTQ Connection.

42. Arizona State University

Based in the Phoenix metropolitan area with a total of 5 campuses, Arizona State University (ASU) provides resources and counseling through Out @ ASU. This entity also organizes major celebrations such as Pride Week and Trans Awareness Week. ASU students can become part of the Rainbow Coalition, the group encompassing all LGBTQA student organizations on campus and can call one of several hotlines in case of any emergencies or situations that require support.

Students can pursue gender studies through a minor, degree program (BA, MA, and PhD), or graduate certificate program at the Tempe campus. The West campus also has a BA in Social and Cultural Analysis with a concentration in Queer and Sexuality Studies.

43. Colorado State University

Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins was the home of Gays and Lesbians in 1971, one of the original official LGBT organizations on a university campus. Currently it hosts seven LGBT student organizations and two support groups and a Pride Resource Center that's been in operation since 1998. The Pride Center has various social events and focus groups that meet throughout the year including:

  • BAPPQ: A support group for students who identify as bisexual, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, polysexual, queer, or questioning
  • COLORS: A group for LGBTQ+ students of color
  • Gender Identity Group: A discussion club focused on community development, geared specifically toward trans or questioning students

CSU supports their LGBTQ students who want to study abroad through a program in LGBTQ Policy and Advocacy in Barcelona, Spain.

44. University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The LGBTQA+ Resource Center is the University of Nebraska - Lincoln's hub for students who identify and ally with this community. It's a place to hang out, study, and even do research in the center's gender and sexuality library. Students can join the Peer Mentoring program or volunteer with a group called The Change.

Students at UNL can access support through the school's Counseling and Psychological Services, which can support students in many facets of their identity, such as coming out, transitioning, facing discrimination, or being part of another minority group.

45. Washington State University

Students attending Washington State University (WSU) can meet at the Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC). The center's best-known initiatives include the UndocuQueer Conference (focused on undocumented immigrants in the LGBTQ community) and the InQueery Symposium.

WSU has 3 LGBTQ-associated student organizations:

  • QPOCA: Queer People of Color and Allies
  • Q'STEM: For LGBT students studying a STEM-related degree
  • GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

WSU also hosts a Lavender Graduation to celebrate its LGBTQ+ students and allies upon their graduation.

46. Ohio University

Based in the city of Athens, Ohio University makes a point of supporting its LGBT student community. The LGBT Center, an outreach center supported by the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, offers a total of 10 SafeZone workshops, including the following:

  • LGBT 101
  • Bisexual and Pansexual Identities
  • Trans and Gender Variant Identities
  • Generation Q: Youth and the Expansion of Sexual and Gender Diversities

The LGBT Center also has SpeakOUt, a speakers bureau project, which organizes panel discussions for classes, residence halls, or other campus settings or groups. Students can also subscribe to the LGBT Newsletter and participate in one or more of the LGBT-related student organizations at the main Athens campus. Ohio University has several other regional campuses with campus groups as well.

47. Oregon State University

The Pride Center is an encompassing LGBTQ space on the campus of Corvallis-based Oregon State University (OSU). It's a welcoming area where students can relax with friends in the lounge or watch TV, as well as study in the quiet room or use computers for research and homework assignments. The Pride Center celebrates the LGBTQ community through events throughout the year, such as:

  • Queer History Month in October: Has educational events and programs
  • Pride Week in May: Has activities like films and a drag show

OSU students can also receive support through the LGBTQ Services Office and SOL: LGBT Multi-Cultural Support Network. These groups provide counseling, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities.

48. University of Arizona - Tucson

At the University of Arizona - Tucson, the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Affairs supports this community through various programs and initiatives, including the dedicated LGBTQ Resource Center. The Office of LGBTQ Affairs organizes various events and sources of support, such as the following:

  • Trans Caucus: A group for trans and non-binary individuals
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Harm Reduction Workshop
  • One-on-one appointments with a wellness coach

There are seven LGBTQ student organizations at the University of Arizona - Tucson. Furthermore, this university has an Institute for LGBT Studies, which publishes a newsletter and has a lunchtime speaker series and visiting scholars programs.

49. University of Maine

At the University of Maine, located in the city of Orono, students, alumni, faculty, and staff can find a community through the LGBTQ Services and the Rainbow Resource Center (RRC). Here, they can access brochures, books, and videos for self-study as well as training workshops and presentations for groups.

The LGBTQ Services and RRC organizes events throughout the academic year, including:

  • Coming Out Week
  • Pride Week
  • Gay Thanksgiving
  • LGBTea Parties.

50. Suffolk University

Suffolk University, based in Boston, Massachusetts, supports LGBTQ students through its Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion. Some of their initiatives include an LGBTQ+ Support Group and Safe Zone training. It also organizes various events and programs to commemorate major LGBTQ celebrations, such as:

  • LGBTQ History Month
  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • Pride Week

At Suffolk University, there are 2 LGBTQ student organizations, the Rainbow Alliance and the Queer Law Alliance.

* Although LGBTQ is the most common acronym, this term can cover many other gender and sexual identities, including asexual, aromantic, transitioning, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, as well as ally. As such, more extensive acronyms, such as LGBTQIA+, may be preferred.

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