Traveling Jobs for Married Couples

Jan 19, 2020

There are a number of job possibilities for married couples who like to travel and want to be able to make money while they are traveling. Most of these jobs are freelance in nature.

Career Options for Married Couples that Involve Travel

For married couples who enjoy traveling but still need to make an income, there are a number of possible job opportunities they could pursue that would allow them to do so. Many of these jobs require a certain amount of creativity and determination, as they are often freelance positions with no guaranteed work. However, the benefit of having the freedom and flexibility to travel while still making money is likely worth it to some couples. We will look at a few of these career possibilities below.

Job Title Median Salary Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Blog writer $39,473 (for freelance writers, 2019)** 0% (for all writers and authors)
Photographer $34,000 (2018)* -6%
Tour Guide $26,570 (2018)* 7%
Interpreter/Translator $49,930 (2018)* 19%
Fitness Trainer/Instructor $39,820 (2018)* 13%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Career Information about Traveling Jobs for Married Couples

Blog Writer

For couples that enjoy traveling, they may want to consider writing a blog that details their travels. Blog writers with a large following are often able to monetize their blogs by allowing advertisements on their blog or promoting different products. Some hotels and resorts may also sponsor traveling couples to take a trip or visit their hotel to benefit from the blog exposure. Couples could create and write blog posts together, which could include written posts, photographs, or even videos. There are no specific educational requirements necessary to become a blogger or freelance writer, though many writers and authors have a bachelor's degree in a field such as English, along with strong writing and communication skills.


Couples who have skills in photography could start their own photography company geared towards capturing events like weddings, parties, or even general travel photography. It is often standard for photographers to work in pairs in order to capture as much of an event as possible, and having a willingness to travel for photography work could increase your business opportunities. To become a photographer, having formal training in photography is not necessary, as your skills and practice will be best evidenced through a portfolio. To find work as a photojournalist and take pictures for magazines and newspapers, a bachelor's degree in photography or a related field may be required.

Tour Guide

Couples could also find jobs as tour guides in different regions or countries that they travel to or even start their own tour and sightseeing companies. This job could involve hosting groups of tourists and leading them through cities to see the most popular attractions, or more specific tours, like local food or bar tours. There are a number of large international tour companies that employ individuals who can speak English to cater to English-speaking tour groups. To become a tour guide, no specific education is necessary, as some guides have only a high school diploma while others have bachelor's degrees.


Interpreters and translators are individuals who are fluent in multiple languages and either translate written or spoken words from one language to another. Bilingual or multilingual couples who like to travel may be able to find frequent work as interpreters or translators, either on-location as interpreters or by working remotely translating documents, articles, or other pieces of written work. To become an interpreter or translator, it is generally required to have a bachelor's degree along with fluency in two languages.

Fitness Trainer/Instructor

For couples that are interested in physical fitness and have the proper certifications, they could find work as freelance fitness instructors and travel around the country or the world leading fitness classes and retreats. You may be certified to teach courses in yoga, Pilates, dance, or a number of other fitness activities. As a couple, you could even start your own fitness retreats. To become a fitness trainer or instructor, you will usually need to fulfill some sort of certification or training requirement.

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