Traveling Jobs With No Experience

Jan 19, 2020

Whether they travel near or far, there are several traveling careers that do not require experience. Learn about some of these jobs in fields like business and science, as well as their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

Traveling Career Options with No Experience

There are many traveling career options across several different job fields that do not require previous work experience in the field. These careers vary greatly in their job duties and may require some on-the-job training, but are available to those who meet the education requirements. Here we discuss some of the available traveling jobs that do not require experience.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Travel Guides $26,570** 7% to 10%**
Photographers $34,000 -6% (Decline)
Geographers $80,300 3%
Fishing and Hunting Workers $39,453*** -2%
Bus Drivers $34,450 5%
Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives $61,660 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), **O*NET OnLine, ***

Career Information for Traveling Jobs with No Experience

Travel Guides

Travel guides do not need any previous work experience to plan and lead trips for travelers. These guides plan the itineraries of these trips, as well as any necessary transportation or accommodations. They also handle any last minute changes or problems that may arise with the trip and may be asked to help evaluate different travel services. Travel guides do receive some on-the-job training, but typically only need a high school diploma.


Some photographers may specialize in traveling photography to capture images of various cities, cultures, nature, animals and more, which does not require any previous work experience in a related career. Most photographers use digital cameras, different lighting techniques and equipment, and photo-enhancing software to create high-quality images. They may display their images in galleries or sell them in online marketplaces, as well as add images to their professional portfolio to attract new clients. Some photographers, such as photojournalists or scientific photographers, need a bachelor's degree, but many photographers only need a technical understanding of the field.


Geographers are not required to have work experience in the field and often travel to a wide range of locations to conduct fieldwork. They travel to different landscapes to study different characteristics of Earth through field observations, photographs, maps and other data sources. They then take this data to create and modify maps, often using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to display and analyze the geographic data. Entry-level positions in the field require a bachelor's degree and no work experience, while advanced positions may need work experience and a master's degree.

Fishing and Hunting Workers

Fishing and hunting workers do not need work experience to travel and track their respective catches. Fishers typically travel by boat to locate schools of fish, lobsters and other edible sea creatures and catch these animals using nets or cages in order to sell them to consumers. Hunting workers travel across the land to capture or kill various animals to sell as food or for other animal products, such as furs. Fishing and hunting workers do not need a formal education and learn on-the-job.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers may travel locally taking people to school or work or even internationally to transport their passengers to various sightseeing locations. Bus drivers do not need work experience in a related occupation to follow traffic laws and pick-up and drop-off their passengers at designated locations. These drivers follow their planned routes, keep their buses clean and ensure the safety of their passengers. Bus drivers typically need a high school diploma, some on-the-job training and must have a commercial driver's license (CDL) and meet all seeing, hearing and physical requirements.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives do not need previous work experience to travel various distances to interact with customers within their sales territory. These sales representatives meet with customers to determine which products will best suit their needs and then discuss prices with the customer and answer any questions that the customer may have concerning the product. They also prepare sales contracts and follow up with customers to ensure their satisfaction with the product. Those who sell technical or scientific products may need a bachelor's degree, but other wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives may only need a high school diploma.

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