User Experience Manager: Job Description & Salary

User experience managers work to understand how satisfied customers are with the technology their company provides and then help design improvements to improve the experience customers have with their websites and apps.

Career Definition of a User Experience Manager

A user experience manager is also known as a UX manager. They form a bridge between the business and consumer. Their objective is to determine how to reshape the interactions between the business and consumer. The user experience manager helps to identify what frustrates customers and then determines what would classify as a positive experience for the customer. They help set goals related to ensuring that customers are satisfied and constantly evaluate business practices to see if they've met those goals.

The focus of the user experience manager's work specifically relates to technology. They want customers who are accessing the business through a website or app to be able to quickly access relevant information and get the assistance or services that they need without being frustrated. User experience managers can influence technological designs and processes by providing key insights about the needs and desires of customers and they push development teams to ensure that they work to improve systems so that customers are satisfied. They direct their staff team to take actions to meet the objectives they've set and monitor the development and implementation of design changes.

Educational Requirements Bachelor's degree at minimum; master's preferred for some jobs
Job Skills Organizational skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, design skills, basic programming skills, interpersonal skills, budgeting skills, time management skills
Median Salary (2017)* $103,827
Job Outlook (2014-2024)** 27% (all types of web developers)

Sources: *; **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Required Education

User experience managers are expected to have a bachelor's degree and several years of relevant marketing or sales experience. Fields of study favored by employers include marketing, digital media, computer science and interactive or graphic design. Basic computer programming skills are important for these professionals, so formal training in HTML or JavaScript or other popular programming platforms and languages may help increase job prospects. Some employers prefer applicants who have a master's degree in a relevant discipline.

Required Skills

User experience managers need to have good communication skills. They need to have visual communication skills so that they can effectively integrate features and design plans to that will be effective for their customers. They also need to have strong interpersonal skills and teamwork skills since they collaborate with marketing and design professionals. Since they're responsible for ensuring deadlines are met they need to have good time management skills and the leadership skills needed to motivate staff in their department to work efficiently. They do need basic programming skills so that they can understand the technical aspects of the designs they're creating and what's involved in integrating those technical components on websites and apps.

Career Outlook and Salary

$103,827 is the annual median salary that reported for user experience managers in 2017. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a listing for the broader group of web developers, who are involved with developing design plans for websites and ensuring the sites are programmed to work properly. This is comparable to some of the duties that user experience managers have. The BLS expects that web developers will enjoy a 27% rate of job growth from 2014 to 2024.

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