What Can You Do With a Master's in Clinical Psychology?

When thinking about a master's in clinical psychology, counseling may come to mind as a job for a person with this credential. However, a master's in clinical psychology can open doors to additional opportunities in the non-profit, public and private sectors.

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An individual with a master's degree in clinical psychology is not limited to working as a counselor or therapist since psychology principles are used in just about every field imaginable. For example, attorneys may seek the assistance of forensic psychologists to build stronger cases and to impanel jurors. The following chart shows the median salary and job outlook for jobs that might be held by an individual with a master's in clinical psychology.

Job Title Median Salary Job Growth (2016-2026)
School and Career Counselor 55,410 13%
Counseling Psychologist 75,090 (Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists) 14% (Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists)
Executive Director 64,100 (Social and Community Service Manager) 18% (Social and Community Service Manager)
Forensic Psychologist 97,740 (All Other Psychologists) 11% (All Other Psychologists)
Organizational Psychologist 87,100 (Industrial-organizational Psychologists) 8% (Industrial-organizational Psychologists)
Rehabilitation Counselor 34,860 13%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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  • Behavioral Sciences, General
  • Biopsychology
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  • Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Science
  • Community Psychology
  • Comparitive Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology, General
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Family Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology, General
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Medical Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychology, General
  • Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
  • Social Psychology

What Jobs are Available for an Individual with a Master's in Clinical Psychology?

Career Counselor

A career counselor helps individuals reach their career goals. Assessing needs, evaluating skills and helping clients develop self-confidence are all part of a career counselor's work. Courses taken in a clinical psychology master's program prepare a career counselor for this role.

Counseling Psychologist

A counseling psychologist works with individuals and groups to help them solve problems and deal with issues that cause anxiety and stress. They guide and support people whose problems occur in various situations and affect various aspects of life. Counseling psychologists may work in mental health centers, substance abuse treatment programs, or other settings.

Executive Director

An executive director may also be known as a social and community service manager. He or she oversees the daily operation of a human social service or community organization. Duties in this position include nurturing relationships with board members, managing employees and building visibility for the organization. These are areas where the understanding of human behavior, and communication skills developed in a master's in clinical psychology program are essential.

Forensic Psychologist

A forensic psychologist uses psychological expertise to help attorneys and others in the legal system prepare for cases. For example, a forensic psychologist may convene a focus group that will provide insight on what a jury might think about a case. They may advise attorneys and judges and give expert testimony, so they are typically employed by a law firm or law enforcment agency. Forensic psychologists can also provide evaluations when competency is an issue in a case.

Organizational Psychologist

An organizational psychologist typically works in businesses and industries as a member of the human resources team. Organizational psychologists provide employee screening and may review the applications of potential job applicants. They also provide employee counseling, and training and development.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation counselors work with individuals with developmental or physical challenges. In this specialized counseling role, an individual with a master's in clinical psychology might observe and evaluate clients for the ability to complete certain tasks. Rehabilitation counselors also counsel clients who have suffered serious injuries to help them adjust. They may refer clients to physical therapists or occupational therapists for additional treatment.

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