Work-at-Home Jobs for Veterans

Jan 02, 2019

Work-at-home jobs are readily available and some of them may utilize different skills that a veteran developed in the military. Find out more about some of these careers, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

Veterans wishing to work from home have many career options that span across different job fields, like art and design, computer science, and business. Here, we discuss some of the work-at-home jobs that may be great for veterans and their unique military background.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Writers and Authors $61,240 8% Organizational skills and ability to be thorough
Software Developers $102,280 24% Information technology skills
Animal Trainers $27,690 11% Patience and discipline
Graphic Designers $47,640 5% Attention to detail and discipline
Accountants and Auditors $68,150 10% Organizational skills and attention to detail

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Work-at-Home Jobs for Veterans

By the time they leave the military, many veterans have gained valuable skills and traits that are transferable to many different careers across various fields. Some of these traits include discipline and great attention to detail, as well as organizational skills and even specialized information technology (IT) skills. Learn about some of the available work-at-home jobs for veterans that apply these skills.

Writers and Authors

A career as a writer or author is a great option for working independently from home and setting your own schedule. Veterans may especially like this career because they can apply their ability to be thorough, as well as their organizational skills during the research and writing process. Writers and authors can write about any number of subjects for books, blogs, articles, scripts and other media, but veterans may enjoy or benefit therapeutically from writing about their experiences in the military. Usually these professionals perform research in their subject of choice and then submit various drafts of their work to editors to perfect their writing prior to publication.

Software Developers

Some software developers are able to work from home, but may still work in teams for larger projects that aim to create different kinds of computer programs. Veterans who gained IT skills in the military may like this career and can specialize in developing applications software or systems software. Applications software developers design and test the computer programs, or applications, that carry out different functions on computers, like word processors. Systems software developers create and test programs that maintain networks and allow computers to work correctly. All software developers help maintain these programs and perform upgrades as needed.

Animal Trainers

Veterans that have enough space at home may enjoy a career training dogs or other animals. The patience and discipline that veterans learn in the military performing and repeating various tasks and assignments are very important when slowly teaching an animal to respond to different commands. Animal trainers may work to prepare animals for general obedience, competitions or work as service animals, and therefore, have to teach them specific actions to perform in response to a hand or voice signal. Since they are likely to work with these animals on a regular basis, animal trainers also watch for any signs of injury or illness in an animal and may help care for the animal with water and food.

Graphic Designers

Some graphic designers can work from home as freelancers if they have the right equipment, like special computer software. Artistic veterans may make excellent graphic designers as these professionals must be detail-oriented to create the perfect designs and disciplined to meet clients' deadlines. Graphic designers may make logos, advertisements and other visual designs for their clients that are meant to inform consumers. This requires them to choose colors and fonts, check their work for any errors and get final approval from the client before printing the design.

Accountants and Auditors

Veterans who like math and business may enjoy working from home as an accountant or auditor. These professionals must be very organized and detailed-oriented to examine and maintain a large variety of financial records, which may suit a veteran with a military background well. Accountants and auditors check these different records for individuals or organizations to make sure that they are free from errors and in compliance with current financial laws. They may prepare taxes, organize records and even write reports for management addressing any possible financial improvements that they may find.

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