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ASCP Exam Score Information

The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers a number of professional certifications, but in order to receive one you must pass an ASCP examination. Keep reading to get passing score and score reporting info for these tests.

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How to Study for the ASCP Exam

The certification exams offered through the ASCP's Board of Certification can be vital for career development. To earn the certification, candidates must pass an ASCP exam.

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How to Register for the ASCP Exam

ASCP exams are used to earn professional certifications that are highly esteemed in the medical laboratory and technician fields. The article below discusses how to complete the ASCP application process and sign up for a testing appointment.

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ASCP Test Day Preparation

ASCP BOC exams are crucial for many medical laboratory and technician professions. As such, it's important to carefully and diligently prepare for these examinations.

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What is the ASCP Exam?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology provides credentials for medical laboratory professionals in many fields and specialties. Read on to learn more about ASCP credentialing exams and how an ASCP credential can enrich your laboratory career.

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The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) provides career resources, continuing education and credentialing opportunities for laboratory professionals in many different fields and specialties. Earning a professional credential is one way to show employers that you are dedicated to your chosen area of expertise. It's also a great way to connect with other laboratory professionals and enrich your career.

You can demonstrate your knowledge by passing one of many ASCP exams that are administered by the ASCP's Board of Certification. At Study.com, we offer a range of ASCP study guides designed to help you make the most of your test preparations, including all the information you need to register and get ready for the test itself. Right from the start, use our informational resources to clear up any questions you may have about the ASCP. Learn about what the test is and whether it's right for you, confirm registration details, fees and accommodations policies. Find out more about ASCP's scoring and testing rules, and get useful study tips that are geared especially for the test.

Or, if you are ready to dive right into your studies, our study guides provide totally comprehensive, 100% online ASCP courses that are aligned to the contents on your exam. We keep you on your toes with fun video lessons that are short enough, about 8-10 minutes each, to fit into most schedules. Our custom scheduling tools allow you to set the pace and pick when you want to start and finish preparing for your ASCP exam, so watch each video lesson on your own time. Then, assess your progress with the included lesson quizzes and chapter tests. The course dashboard keeps track of everything for you, so there's no need to worry about losing your place.

Our study guides are designed to work with you and your goals. Review only as much of the prep course as you need or complete the entire thing for the ultimate rundown of ASCP material. Then, when you're ready to challenge yourself, take advantage of our full-length ASCP practice tests. We generate a brand new test every time, from a large pool of questions that we draw from ASCP prep course material. Best of all, each question is styled the same way as the questions you will see on a real ASCP exam, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the exam's format before test day, saving valuable testing time by knowing exactly what to expect.

With Study.com, there's no reason to go into your ASCP exam unprepared. Our study guides will help ensure that you are ready to succeed on all fronts, and there's even a money-back guarantee just in case you are not fully satisfied with your results. But we think you will love what we have to offer; come see for yourself and take a free sample version of our ASCP practice tests. Get instant feedback on your performance and find out where you stand with your exam material, as well as what you can study to improve your scores. There's absolutely no obligation to join, so try it today!

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