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What are the ASWB Exams?

This article introduces the ASWB exams and explains what is on the tests, where the tests are offered and how much they cost. You'll also find information about study materials for the ASWB.

ASWB Test Score Information

Although ASWB test questions are either answered correctly or incorrectly, there are scoring adjustments to account for the difficulty of the questions. Read on to learn about the scoring system used for ASWB tests and how it works.

How to Study for the ASWB Tests

This article covers the types of resource materials that individuals can use to study for the ASWB tests. It also explores some basic study strategies that can help would-be test-takers prepare.

ASWB Exam Registration Information

Individuals who are preparing to take the ASWB test can learn about the steps they need to take to register here. There is also information about the registration methods individuals can choose from and how to pay the test fees.

ASWB Test Day Preparation

This article looks at the practical steps you should take to be ready for the ASWB test. Things you need, and things you are not allowed to have are covered, as well as what you should know before test day.

This article introduces the ASWB exams and explains what is on the tests, where the tests are offered and how much they cost. You'll also find information about study materials for the ASWB.

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Are you a prospective social worker in the United States or Canada preparing for a professional license? Chances are you'll soon be sitting for an exam designed and conducted by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) to test your competency in key career areas. This nearly 200-question ASWB exam is currently offered for four categories of social work - Associate, Bachelors, Masters, Advanced Generalist or Clinical - and the exam you take depends on your career goals. Whichever exam you take, we have the ASWB resources you need for effective test preparation!

As you begin your ASWB test preparation, questions often arise. How do I register for the exam? What's on the exam? What can I bring on test day? Fortunately, we've created a complete ASWB exam prep resource collection as part of our comprehensives ASWB study guides! These resources contain everything you need to know to feel confident on the day of your test.

No matter where you are in the test preparation process, our informative resources will help you make sense of the ASWB. You can start with an introduction to the test itself, and then learn about registration, payment instructions, accommodations, and retake policies. Next, learn about what you need to bring to the testing center, how the test is scored, and some test taking tips and strategies. You can access all our test information online, whenever and wherever you need to access it!

And it's not just our test information that's at your fingertips! As a Study.com member, you'll have full-access to our comprehensive ASWB study guides. Whether you're using a computer or our mobile app, you will have online access to all the ASWB test prep resources you need. This includes our ASWB prep courses, which contain expertly designed compact and entertaining video lessons on the topics you'll see on test day. At the end of each lesson, test what you've learned with a brief quiz to get instant feedback on your performance.

When you're ready to put your new knowledge to the test, try our ASWB practice tests. Our practice tests are designed to mimic the question format and content you'll encounter on the test. For those with a busy schedule, our customizable study planning tool gives you the freedom to decide when and how you want to study, and we'll even send you reminders to help keep you on track.

Our ASWB study guides provide you with the tools you need to reach your professional and personal goals, plus a money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. Taking our free 15-question practice test to see how Study.com can help you prepare for your exam!

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