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Online Biochemistry Courses for Credit

Free courses in biochemistry can be accessed online without the trouble of registration or tuition, but these courses cannot provide you with college credit. If credit is something you're seeking, you might consider the comparatively cheap courses offered by The classes you find here are an engaging way to earn credit for college, with video and text lessons accompanied by practice quizzes you can use to test yourself along the way.

Students can take Chemistry 101: General Chemistry, which includes lessons on various core chemistry topics. Some of the chapters from this course include:

  • Chemical Bonding - Topics include the octet rule, ionic compounds, covalent compounds, Lewis Dot structures, identification of organic macromolecules and organic molecules.
  • Stoichiometry - Examine chemical reactions, mole-to-mole ratios, limiting reactants, empirical formulas and hydrates.
  • Chemical Reactions - Get info on decomposition, acid-base reactions, the pH scale, redox reactions and combustion reactions.
  • Kinetics - Some of the topics covered here include rate constants, activation energy and catalysts, reaction mechanisms and factors that affect chemical reactions.

On the biology side of things, students can try Biology 101: Intro to Biology, which delves into several fundamental concepts in biology. Sample chapters from this course include:

  • Science Basics - Topics include the scientific method, experimental design, and scientific vocabulary.
  • Cell Membranes - Examine active transport, endocytosis, the fluid mosaic model, and more.
  • Genetic Mutations - Learn about mutagens, frameshift mutations, point mutations, and related concepts.

Free Online Biochemistry Classes Offered at Top Universities and Colleges

Opencourseware was developed with the mission of sharing information and helping people improve their minds. Many countries around the world are following the guidelines originally conceived by MIT, while some schools are creating free courses independently on their websites. Almost any topic of interest can be learned free of charge online, from French to biochemistry. The following top universities and colleges have OCW and free online programs for a person seeking training in biochemistry.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Biochemistry Laboratory provides lecture notes and labs that introduce students to biochemical research. The program focuses on the analytical methods used to dissect biological issues, focusing on a sample biochemistry issue, resistance to the cancer drug Gleevec.

The University of Arizona

  • The Biology Project consists of several free biochemistry courses online. Students review the basics of biochemistry, including molecules, amino acids, the clinical correlates of pH levels, acids and bases, enzymes and metabolism. The courses provide problem sets and tests for students to assess how well they know the presented material.

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Biochemistry serves as an introductory course in biochemistry, looking closely at the interactions of biological molecules from a structural, thermodynamic, and molecular dynamic perspective.

Oregon State University

  • Biochemistry Free and Easy is a free textbook incorporating original songs, recordings, verses and links to over 100 video lectures. It's available via iPAD, Kindle, and Amazon, as well as in PDF format for any computer.
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