Increasing Student Engagement Using's Teacher Plan


At, we dedicate our product to helping teachers teach and students learn. If you want to maximize the classroom experience for everyone, you should try these features. Here's how to use them.

Show Videos in Class

If you want a quick, engaging way to introduce any topic, we encourage you to show's animated video lessons in your class. They're simple and accessible.

  • Navigate to a video lesson you want to show to your students
  • Put the video on full-screen
  • Press play and project your computer screen

All videos on have captions to make the lessons easier to follow. You also can change the speed of the videos, which is especially useful for ELA students.

Print Transcript, Worksheets, and Answer Keys

If you'd like to give your students written material, you can easily print transcripts of our video lessons. They're laid out nicely and are optimized for printing. You also have the option of turning each lesson into an easy-to-follow quiz to keep students more engaged. To do this:

  • Hide the bolded terms in the transcript, turning them into blanks
  • Have your students fill in with the key terms they learn as they follow along


Each lesson comes with an associated quiz comprised of five questions. You can print these in the form of a worksheet. You can choose to format the worksheet as multiple choice or free response, choose to view the worksheet in one or two columns, and print the optional answer key if you'd like.

  • Navigate to the 'print' menu under the video
  • Click on the type of content you'd like to print
  • Press the print button or control-P to print

Virtual Classrooms

Included in's teacher membership, you can create up to 250 free student accounts! These student accounts will be able to see all assigned lessons in full.

Each virtual classroom you create is populated with student names and assignments. Creating an assignment within a classroom is what allows you to give your students free access to lessons.

  • Navigate to your dashboard and create a classroom
  • Go into the classroom and add students by using a classroom code, a link, or inputting student emails
  • Navigate to any lesson you want to assign to your students
  • Click ' classroom' on the right side of the lesson to assign it to a specific classroom
  • Select the classroom and due date, and add instructions if you'd like

Your students will be notified that they have received a new assignment and have full access to the lessons and quizzes assigned to them.

Interactive Quiz Game

Our new interactive quiz game feature allows you to turn the 5-question quiz associated with every lesson into a fun game for your entire classroom.

  • Navigate to any lesson
  • Click 'Open Game' to the right of the video
  • Set the time per question
  • Start a new game
  • Project the screen to your classroom to allow your students to join the game on their devices
  • Once all of your students have connected, press 'continue' to start the game
  • One by one, quiz question and answer options will be presented on the screen. Students can submit answer choices on their devices and be notified if they are right or wrong.

Teacher Video Slides

If you play a video in class and want to be able to pause it to interact with your students - to explain something or ask a question - this feature is for you. It allows you to insert your own slides into our video lessons.

  • Navigate to the 'add slides to video' section on the right of the video lesson
  • Specify a time-stamp and the text you want to include in your slide. Each video can have up to ten slides
  • The next time you play the video, it will automatically pause and show your slides during every chosen time-stamp
  • You can manage your slides on your dashboard in the 'notes' section Teacher Features: Made For You

At, we work hard to create an amazing product that you'll love. We hope you try these features that will save you time and help you be the best teacher you can be.

If you'd like to take advantage of all of these special teacher features, check out's Teacher Edition.

By Daisy Rogozinsky
September 2019
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