4 Ways to Stand Out From Other Job Candidates

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Looking for a way to differentiate your resume from the other hundred in the stack? Check out this list of four ways to stand out from other job candidates.

Standing Out From the Pack

As much as we wish we could be the only ones applying for our dream jobs, the truth is, when applying for any given position, you will be one of many, perhaps hundreds. But don't despair; there are, in fact, ways to make yourself stand out from other job candidates. Here are four of our best tips.

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1. Be the Most Prepared

You can't control how your education and experience stack up against others', but you can make sure you're the most prepared candidate in consideration. If you really want the job, you'll find it's worth it to take the time to do your homework.

  • Research the position, company, and industry.
  • Research the company's staff, target market, mission, history, and values.
  • When it's your turn to ask your interviewer questions, use the opportunity to reference something you went above and beyond to learn.

2. Show You Can Learn

These days, it isn't enough just to be great in your field of expertise. Employers want to see that you have a diversity of abilities; that you possess both hard and soft skills. The more areas of interest you've pursued, the more you indicate your ability to learn, which is a highly desirable skill in today's economy. Whether you're a designer who has dabbled in coding or an engineer who also happens to be a self-taught German speaker, the more you can demonstrate your ability to learn, the more you'll stand out to recruiters.

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3. Know Your Value

Hiring managers can smell desperation. Don't go out of your way to appear aloof but recognize that you bring value to the table. Your unique skill set and background make you a desirable job candidate. And it's just as important that the position in question is a good fit for you as you are a good fit for the job. Having confidence and being unafraid to ask questions will reflect well upon you. If you exude self-worth, your interviewer will take notice and find it easier to see your worth for themselves. That being said, it's also important to be aware of and forthcoming about your potential growth areas and how you plan to approach them. Your interviewer will be impressed with your honesty, self-awareness, and eye toward improvement.

4. Care About the Company's Mission

Many organizations these days are interested in corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. They want employees who share these values. If you're passionate about the same cause as the company for which you are applying, share this information with your potential employer. Even better if you have volunteer experience. Companies recognize that the modern workforce is rife with stress and busyness. Showing that you've taken some of your precious free time to help others will speak volumes to your character.

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Get That Job

Ultimately, remember that you are unique, it's just a matter of communicating that fact to your future employer. Nothing will be more successful at making you stand out than being yourself. Good luck!

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
July 2018

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