8 Thoughts Every Teacher Has During the First Week of School


The first week of school can be both a difficult and an exciting time in a teacher's life. Here's what you're probably thinking during this crazy week.

Ah, the first week of school. You've been preparing for this for weeks, but that doesn't make it any easier to let go of the final few days of summer vacation. When school finally starts, you experience a roller coaster of feelings. Here are eight thoughts you probably have.

A clean classroom on the first week of school

Does my classroom look good enough?

There are a lot of reasons why teachers spend so much time setting up their classrooms. It has to be inspiring for your students, but not distracting. It needs to be a safe space for you to spend 10 or more hours in every day. And, whether you like it or not, your classroom is a reflection of you. As your first students of the school year file in and take in the room around them, you can't help but wonder, 'Did I do a good enough job with my classroom? Does it look good enough?'

This year, I'm going to stay totally caught up on my grading.

The beginning of the school year is like New Year's; you can't help but make a few resolutions about how you'll be better this year. You make promises to yourself that, let's be honest, you may or may not keep. One of the most common ones? 'This year, I'm going to stay on top of grading.' You won't let yourself get buried under Quiz Mountain. Not this year. You promise.

I forgot how good school food is…

Okay, let's be honest. You might complain about school lunch to your non-teacher friends, but sometimes it's just easier than meal prepping. And when you do buy that signature rubber-y school pizza? It's delicious. How could you have forgotten?

A school lunch on a tray

I swear prep period gets shorter every year…

A teacher's prep period is a sacred time. After being outnumbered by children all day, it's a major relief to have some alone time to decompress, plan lessons, tidy up, and get things in order. But, wait? It can't be over already, can it? You could swear it's only been five minutes. Prep period really does get shorter every year...

I really need to use the bathroom…

Teachers are masters at 'holding it'. But you've gotten a little bit out of practice over the summer break and forgotten how difficult it can be to make it through class after class without a proper bathroom break.

Are these kids getting younger or - oh, no - am I just older?

This year, as you meet your students for the first time, you're struck by how little and young-looking they are. You used to recognize at least half of the slang that your students were using and now? You have no clue what these memes are they're referencing. Is it just that you're you getting older? … Nah. It couldn't be.

I hope they like me.

Let's be honest. Even as the adult in the room, you can't help but hope to make a good first impression on these dozens of kids that you're meeting for the first time. These are your most important working relationships and, yes, you hope that they like you.

A classroom of students raise their hands

Thank goodness it's Friday.

You finally make it through the first week - and the longest week - of the school year. It's Friday. Happy hour is not too far away. You did it. You go, you. Only 35 more of these to go…

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
August 2018
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