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Study.com's Teacher Edition will help you engage your students inside and outside the classroom. Read on to learn more about how Study.com can take your instruction to the next level.

The Study.com Content You Love

At Study.com, we want to help you take the stress out of lesson planning. Our library of over 50,000 video lessons, lesson plans, in-class activities, project ideas, and more are all included in your Study.com Teacher Edition membership. Whether you show them in class to introduce a new concept or use them to flip your classroom, our engaging videos help your students learn faster.

Study.com's content covers every grade level from elementary to college and every subject area, meaning that you can personalize instruction by assigning remedial, advanced, or personal interest topics to each individual student. And you and your students can access Study.com videos on any device, including phones, Chromebooks, tablets, and projectors. You can even download videos for offline viewing using our Apple and Android apps. Your students will love learning with our engaging, animated videos and real life examples.

In addition to our videos, your Teacher Edition membership grants you access to over 10,000 teacher resources, including worksheets, assessments, games, projects, and over 4,500 lesson plans. We also offer professional development courses covering topics like social and emotional learning and special populations, as well as teacher certification exam prep courses for tests like Praxis, TExEs, CSET, and more.

How is it Different From Before?

Study.com's Virtual Classrooms allow you to stay organized and conveniently track your students' progress. You can create up to five classrooms with as many as 50 students each for a total of 250 students, all of whom will receive free access to Study.com through your Teacher Edition membership. You can use Virtual Classrooms to assign your students lessons, quizzes, and exams as homework or for in-class use. Assign specific lessons to individual students for easy differentiated instruction, and print exams and answer keys for use in your classroom.

Our online gradebook helps you track student scores with ease. Find detailed assignment reports, get an overview of a whole class' progress, or hone in on a single student's scores in just a few clicks. Virtual Classrooms integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, Blackboard, Schoology, and other learning management systems.

How You Might Use Study.com in Your Classroom

Study.com fits into your classroom whether you're looking to go completely virtual or if you just want a trusted source for in-class videos to help save time. Scott Schaufele, an English and Social Studies teacher from Buena Vista, California, shows us an example of one of the many ways you might use Study.com Teacher Edition.

Mr. Schaufele used to struggle with finding the time, energy, and resources to personalize his lessons. He utilized Study.com to achieve a blended classroom. Instead of dry lecturing, Mr. Schaufele often introduces a topic using a Study.com video. He then facilitates small group discussions and activities to unpack the material. To differentiate learning, Mr. Schauefele assigns Study.com lessons as homework. If a student doesn't pass a quiz, they are assigned additional videos to help them get up to speed.

With Study.com's Teacher Edition, Mr. Schaufele has increased student engagement, introduced more hands-on application and analysis, spent less time repeating concepts that students have already mastered, and helped students needing extra attention without slowing the rest of the class down.

This is just one way to use Study.com's Teacher Edition, but the different ways you can implement it into your classroom are limited only by your imagination. If you're a new teacher, you might consider using any of our 4,500 lesson plans as a jumping off point for putting together your own curriculum. If you're more experienced, you can spruce up your instruction using our creative videos and ideas for in-class activities and games. And if you're moving to a new state, you can use Study.com's teacher certification exam test prep materials to get any necessary new credentials.

Looking to personalize instruction? Assign some students remedial lessons to catch up while others in the class take more advanced lessons. Seeking assessments to use in class? Choose from over 40,000 printable worksheets and exams to pass out out to your students. If the wifi in your classroom is spotty, you can use our mobile app to download video lessons and show them to your students by connecting your tablet or phone to a projector. The possibilities are endless. Your success story is waiting for you.

To take advantage of all of Study.com's exciting new features, sign up for the Teacher Edition today!

By Daisy Rogozinsky
November 2018
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